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Topic: Pwning u noobs

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  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    i make sure i have bckpack full of vanish potions. They'll never see me coming heh

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    I'd laugh if you get flattened by the scarecrow

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    Wonder if you earn the title 'The Undying' if you get to the end in one life! ;-)

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    How is the hard core mode going, Blazzor? Does silence mean that you're too embarrassed to share your adventures? ;0)

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    ha not had time to play these last weeks. first mage died in act 1 on the ghouls in the church. i was bit over confident. started again and now in act 2 unicorns horn. playing alchemist and going ok. been very carefull!

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    i wasn't expecting you to get past seared scar or the counts ball. sticking with alchemist makes some sense as i can see the good taste ability helping with the healing what is your gear and stats like?

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