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Topic: Supreme swordsmaster

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  • Supreme swordsmaster

    Name: Tisamon the Betrayer
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Swordmaster
    Stats 16 speed 24 brawn 0 armour 45 health

    Head: Total eclipse (2 sp 3 br vanish)
    Cloak: Kaggadour’s cloak (2 sp 2 br savagery)
    Gloves: Nightwalker gloves (1 sp 2 br gutripper)
    Chest: Nightwalker tunic (2 sp 2 br gutripper)
    Feet: Marsh stalkers (2 sp 3 br sideswipe)

    Main hand: Talanost’s edge (3 sp 5 br sear)
    Left hand: Black death (2 sp 4 br critical strike)

    Talisman: Tiger's heart (1 sp cat’s speed)

    Necklace: Ghoul’s teeth (1 sp piercing)
    Ring: Hunger (2 br leech)
    Ring: Leader of the pack (1 br dominate)

    Who needs armour?! ;D

  • Re: Supreme swordsmaster

    I want that hero!

    I guess you are looking for a new ring now to replace the finger of fire?

  • Re: Supreme swordsmaster

    I want that hero!


  • Re: Supreme swordsmaster

    Thank you! Yes, I am looking for a replacement ring. I originally had ice splinter in main hand and eye of shadow for necklace. The waldo sword was too good to resist so I ended up buying the new necklace as well for the piercing. It leaves me with two sears that I need to rectify! :[

  • Re: Supreme swordsmaster

    Got a new ring from waking the dead! And its a good one, 2brawn and leech

  • Re: Supreme swordsmaster

    Cool ring. Does that drop off Sammain? I took the dark arthurian path so no luck with any upgrades, was almost tempted by the black widow headgear. There seems more mage loot which is good because my pyro is almost at the end of act 2

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