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Topic: Celebrim - Mage (Pyromancer) Final

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  • Celebrim - Mage (Pyromancer) Final

    Name: Celebrim
    Path: Mage
    Career: Pyromancer
    Stats: Speed 14, Brawn 5, Magic 26, Armour 3, Health 50

    Head: Crown of Command (+5 Brawn, +5 Magic, Command)
    Cloak: Slipstream Silk (+3 Speed, +2 Magic, Surge)
    Gloves: Gardner's Gloves (+2 Speed, +2 Armor, Thorns)
    Chest: Slipstream Gown (+2 Speed, +4 Magic, Overload)
    Feet: Boots of Shielding (+2 Speed, +1 Armor, Deflect)

    Main hand: Tempest's Fury (+2 Speed, +5 Magic, Windblast)
    Left hand: Grasping Grim (+3 Speed, +3 Magic, Rake)

    Talisman: Core of Fire (+1 Magic, Pyromancer, Ignite, Burn)

    Necklace: Lodestone (+2 Magic, Rust)
    Ring: Ring of Elements (+2 Magic, Lightning)
    Ring: Duelist's Band (+2 Magic, Ensnare)

    Elixir of Life, Fluffy Dice, Gold Detector (Beep, Beep!)

  • Re: Celebrim - Mage (Pyromancer) Final

    That looks good! Where do you get the Lodestone and Ring of Elements?

  • Re: Celebrim - Mage (Pyromancer) Final

    woah i'm jealous The ring is a drop off Budak in the big battle at the end of act3. I know because I almost took it and I think i should have done but i needed the health pot he gave Don't know about the necklace.

  • Re: Celebrim - Mage (Pyromancer) Final

    I'm going to tidy up my profile later and add the stats. might buy those boots from waldo too

  • Re: Celebrim - Mage (Pyromancer) Final

    Lodestone is a puzzle reward in Act 2

  • Re: Celebrim - Mage (Pyromancer) Final

    You turned down nice loot for a potion LOL

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