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Topic: Wrath of Ragnarok Bone Shaman

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  • Wrath of Ragnarok Bone Shaman

    Name: Theophilus
    Path: Mage
    Career: Bone Shaman (former Aeronaut)

    Stats: 14s, 0b, 22m, 4a, 52hp

    Head: Gehenna's Peak +2s, +2m (Flame Wave, +Heal)
    Cloak: Shadows Deceive +2s, +2m (Ghost, Dark Mending)
    Gloves: Furnace Grips +1s, +2m (Sear, Fire Aura)
    Chest: Vengeful Coils +1, +3m (Curse, Wrath)
    Feet: Phasing Striders (plus Thunder Dome) +2s, +3m (slipstream, charm, lightning, +Heal)
    Main hand: Blood Rune Shiv (Dagger) +2s, +2m (Immobolise, Overload)
    Left hand: Book of Revelations (Spell Book) +2s, +3m (Brainstorm (normally use rust and regrowth), +Virulent Mold, +Heal)
    Talisman: Sky Cascade +1s, +2a (Forked Strike, Energy Boost, +Heal)
    Necklace: Limbo Lament +1s, +1m (Hungry Spirits) echo
    Ring: Relentless Glory (plus Blood Rune) +2m, +1a, +2Health (Resurrection, Sixth sense, Regrowth, +Heal)
    Ring: Cloud Strike +2m, +1a (Charm, Shock blast, +Heal)

    Other abilities: Augment, Misdirection, Shroud Burst, Shadow Well, Seraph's Protection, Dark Illumination, Dark Justice, Eclipse, Crimson Haze, Respirator Implant, Sap of the wild, Soul Bleed, Roll the Bones (Bone Shaman), Back to dust (Bone Shaman)

    Augments: Mobility, 2 x Perception.

    Minion: Lightning Spark (4m, 0a, 5hp) Spark Jolt and Lightning Boost

    This mage has completed Wrath of Ragnarok including Black Needle. No loot cards, no legendary pets, just a very synergised build.

    I use my lightning spark minion for the passive damage of spark jolt and to boost powerful lightning abilities of forked strike (multiple enemies) and shock blast (one heavily armoured adversary). Against Carthage I had Sporeling as my minion with a necklace that allowed me to cast Poison Cloud.

    Dark Mending and Wrath with 2 x Regrowth and 6 x Heal let me do 40 damage in a combat whilst healing for 36 Health, which is amazing.

    Then I have lots of abilities that allow me to roll an extra damage die (overload, augment, flame wave and hungry spirits) which are in turn boosted by sear.

    I was an Aeronaut for most of the book and Air Strike is a decent attack, but I love the flexibility of Bone Shaman. You will typically be able to win 2-3 combat rounds you would have lost and restore 4-6 points of magic in an average combat.

    Will have a break now before attempting Wrath of Ragnarok as a Warrior.

  • Re: Wrath of Ragnarok Bone Shaman

    Once again an impressive build! (I wonder if I put too many heal upgrades in the game, ha ha.)

    I actually had a lot of fun playing a lightning mage in my playtesting. In fact it was one of my favourite builds, largely just for the 'feel' of zapping opponents and frying them in their armour That's why I made sure to add items that would enable mage players to maintain these powers as they upgrade.

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