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Topic: Wrath of Ragnarok Prowler

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  • Wrath of Ragnarok Prowler

    Name: Prodigal
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Prowler (former Tomb Robber)

    Speed: 14 Brawn: 26 Armour: 5 Health: 52

    Head - Trident Head +2Sp, +3Br (Critical Strike, Hooked)
    Cloak - Monsoon Mantle +2Sp, +3Br (Gloom, Fast Aid)
    Gloves - Bonfire Vanities +1Sp, +3Br (Sear, Cutthroat)
    Chest - Black Quills (+ Geck Scales, Eluminium Plate, Ravenger Jaw) +1Sp, +2Br, +2Ar (Haste)
    Feet - Sun Dog Striders +2Sp, +4Br (Sneak, Sideswipe, Charm)
    Main Hand - Slice of Shadow (sword, plus tortured soul, virulent mould and blood rune) +2Sp, +4Br, +2 health (Blood Drain, Evade, Regrowth)
    Left Hand - Night Drake Talon (dagger) +2p, +3Br (Bleed, Gouge)
    Talisman - Death's Call +1Sp, +1Br (Rust, Corruption, Charm)
    Necklace - Mired Pearl (plus empowered rune, rune of weakening and glyph of dark life +1Spr, +2Ar, +3health (Snare, Webbed, Dominate, Curse)
    Ring 1 - Spellbound Striker +1Br, +2Health (Trickster, Gut Ripper, Charm)
    Ring 2 - Rancid Gland +2Br, +1 Armour (Blind, Regrowth, Heal, Charm

    Other Abilities - Piercing, Spark Daggers, Mauling Strike, Primal Energy, Improved Misdirection, From the Shadows, Shadow Well, Seraph’s Protection, Dark Justice, Soul Bleed, Respirator Implant, Sap of the Wild, Blaze (from Moonraker Legendary Pet Card), Flourish (from Inspired Muse backpack item)

    Augments - Perception, Aggression, Strength
    Pet - Moonraker, Spirit Wolf

    Reputation: Griglo +2, Rare Herbs +4

    This build sailed through the main book. Black Needle was a bit more challenging, but still not very difficult. Mauling Strike from the Prowler career is a brilliant ability, especially when paired with Apex Predator against multiple low health opponents.

    I would normally start by playing blaze, gut ripper and piercing in the first round, doing over 50 damage to an opponent.

    As in Raiders of the Dune Sea I can swap out my left hand weapon if the opponent is immune to passives. Having bleed and gouge on the same item is so good for this approach. That's the main use of the vault, as well as Haggler's Pride.

    Da Boss, don't keep us waiting too long for the end of the trilogy!

  • Re: Wrath of Ragnarok Prowler

    I can't argue with a powerful build like that!

    Remember, the book/s aren't balanced around the legendary bonus items and pets (from Kickstarters) so they will always give a boost to stats and bonus abilities. But even so, I can't see you having any problems, ha ha.

    Don't forget to leave a review if you can ;)

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