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Topic: BLOKKA!

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    Name: Blokka
    Path: warrior
    Career: cavalier
    Stats 12 speed 25 brawn 13 armour

    Head: Crown of valour (5 br)
    Cloak: nemesis shroud (2 sp 3 br)
    Gloves: gauntlets of the fallen (3 br 2 ar)
    Chest: plate of the fallen (2 sp 4 ar)
    Feet: majestic greaves (2 sp 2 ar)

    Main hand: ruination (2 sp 5 br)
    Left hand: talanost wall (2 sp 5 ar)

    Talisman: betsy's compass(1 sp)

    Necklace: horn of courage (1 sp 1 br)
    Ring: dryad’s band (good tanking ring - 1 br)
    Ring: khana's revenge (2 br)

    Notes: I tried for a heavy tank build that can take a lot of damage (I LOVE PLAYING TANK!). I struggled through some of act 3 because of low speed and brawn. I think i missed some good loot because of that

    Lack of brawn still a problem at end but I have fallen hero which is an awesome ability. (But then pacemaker and the kickstart might be better choice and less slots.) Still learning but I don’t think it’s a bad hero for first try!

  • Re: BLOKKA!

    Coming from a warrior fan, that is a good set of stats and gear. Fallen hero is a good ability to have even for 2 equipment slots. Yeah, Kickstart is a good alternative also with something like "bracelet of fury" for the gloves slot. as long as you keep speed to 12 or 13, then you staying competitive with the mobs.

  • Re: BLOKKA!

    why didn't you grab the rumblethumpers?

  • Re: BLOKKA!

    I chose the pacemaker but then I replaced it with the chest of the fallen. I should have taken the boots with hindsight but they are only 1 speed which is not so great

  • Re: BLOKKA!

    Updated my hero stats with my new loot card items Speed taken a hit because of swapping out the helm. Speed of 12 could be a real bad problem for the new content hmm. When I finish my second warrior with better stats (just started part 3)I'll post.

  • Re: BLOKKA!

    I see speed as the equivalent of levels in other rpgs. You don't want to lose it, just get more of it!!

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