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Topic: Kredan Dale - Wrath of Ragnarok

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  • Kredan Dale - Wrath of Ragnarok

    Name: Kredan Dale
    Path: Mage
    Career: Chronomancer
    Stats: 15s, 0b, 21m, 6a, 50hp

    Head: Karma climb (2s, 2m) empathy, misfortune
    Cloak: Freefall sail (2s, 3m) extinguish, haste
    Gloves: Tidal Grip (1s, 3m) backlash, channel
    Chest: Dread mail (2s, 2a) Resolve (only piece of armour from DQ4)
    Feet: Phasing striders (2s, 3m) slipstream, charm, charm, charm (2 upgrades with charm runes from Waldo’s shop)

    Main hand: Poison asp (2s, 2m) curse, infection
    Left hand: Gehenna’s rage (2s, 3m) immolation, sear

    Talisman: Dredged Pearl (1s, 1m) drainage, recall

    Necklace: Chilblain’s Wrath (1s, 2a) ice slick, soul echo
    Ring: Relentless Glory (2m, 1a) resurrection, sixth sense
    Ring: Cloud strike (2m, 1a) charm, shock blast

    Other abilities: Augment, Time flux (chronomancer), Rewind (chronomancer), Improved Misdirection, Shadow Well, Dark Justice, Respirator Implant, Sap of the wild, Soul Bleed

    Minion: Fire Sprite (4m, 1a, 6hp) conflagration, fire boost
    Minion: Gloom Shade (2m, 4a, 10hp) dark bond, shadow boost
    Minion: Pyroclast (3m, 5a, 14hp) molten splash, improved fire boost

    Notes: This character is at the stage of having completed Wrath of Ragnarok

  • Re: Kredan Dale - Wrath of Ragnarok

    Wow, you really smashed it! Congratulations.

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