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Topic: Samu'el - DQ4

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  • Samu'el - DQ4

    My DQ4 character:

    Most exciting battle?
    Act 2: Vs. Everliving (section 491)
    Act 2: Vs. Lotus dancer (section 577)

    Name: Samu’el
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Dark Templar (former beastmaster)
    Pet: Mastiff (bodyguard)
    Abilities: Unbowed (pa), Astute guardian (pa)

    Stats: S10/B11/M0/A8/H63 (Demon Blood)

    Head: Rostrum cap +1S/+2A/2H Ability: Retaliation (co), Dominate (mo) + Glyph of life + Empowered rune
    Cloak: Jade mantle +1S/+1B Ability: Thorn shield (co), Heal (mo) Rune of Healing
    Gloves: Emerald bracers +1S/+2A Ability: Counter (co)
    Chest: Painted brave +1S/+1B/+3A Ability: Overpower (co) Special: Ravager Jaw + Geck scales + Eliminum plate
    Feet: Tainted waders +2S/+1A Ability: Acid (pa) Special: Ambulatory pads (-1A Lorcan fight)
    Main hand: Glave of ruin +1S/+2B Ability: First blood (pa)
    Left hand: Sun razor +2S/+2B Ability: Bleed (pa) + Arcane stabilizer
    Talisman: Viper’s stare +1S/+1B Ability: Guardian (pa), Frenzy (sp)
    Necklace: Ashes of rage +1B/+3H Ability: Melt armour (co), Sear (pa)
    Ring: Umbral cord +1B/+1A Ability: Rapid pulse (pa)
    Ring: Bloodstained band Ability: mortal wound (mo)

    Warp Abilities: Misdirection, Dark Haze, Shadow Well

    Reputation: Himba tribe (6), Cabal (7), Sun Dogs (2), Griglo Tick-Tock (2), Merchant (4), Jeweller (6)
    Pets: Mastiff (with Bodyguard)
    Augments: Aggression, 2x Perception
    Gold: 52

    5) Gorkan’s canteen (2 uses)
    6) Warding lantern

    Keywords: Cache, Edict, Hoard, Seeker, Defiance, Redeemer, Collection, Vindicator, Pirate, Approval, Looted, Charity, Spirits, Magus, Lotus, Prince, Thieving, Beating, Champion, Outcasts, Cabal, Muse, Miracle
    Notes: Ivory Tablet

    1) Crowback (left hand shield) +2S/+3A Ability: Rebuke (pa)
    2) Sunbreaker (left hand shield) +2S/+2A Ability: Resolve (mo)
    3) Chromatic sword (main hand sword) +1S/+2B Ability: Retaliation (co)
    4) Scorpid whip (left hand whip) +2S/+2B Ability: Thorns (pa)
    5) Jonah’s compass (Talisman) +1S/+3H Ability: Surefooted (mo), Charm (mo)
    6) Sand blight (ring) +1B/+3H Ability: Iron will (mo)
    7) Wraith gauntlet (gloves) +1S/2A Ability: Dark pact (co), Charm (mo)
    8) Solidsnake (necklace) +1B/+1M Ability: Sideswipe (co)

  • Re: Samu'el - DQ4

    It wasn’t easy, anyway, because you must plan the best path to reach the related loot, have luck doing challenges…
    Act 1 was ok, completed the Dungeon delve, and all i could ...except the King Crab legendary ( luck doing the challenge).
    This time i have chosen the Beastmaster career, and i can confirm my previous impressions: it rocks! The Mastiff is in my opinion the best pet in the book; once boosted he can survive, and be very useful for the most part of the Act 2. The ability: Lick your wounds (pa) is excellent.
    I tested again the Metal scorpion, but there’s no match in my opinion. After all considerations, my ranking is:
    1. Mastiff
    2. Talon wing
    3. Metal scorpion

    Act 2: Dark templar can be unlocked near the end of the book (don’t wanna spoiler too much), so i had to build my hero in anticipation of his abilities, to max his combos.
    There are some options, so you can build a different one (more armour, less brawn...different abilities on different items can change his stats and gameplay severely!)
    Dark templar can raise their armour and heal by the same amount (unbowed ability) and can be lethal when they lose a combat round (astute guardian).
    I collected all the astute guardian combos (retaliation, overpower, counter and sideswipe), the double one is always there, ready to ruin all your hard work but 2 damage dices, even 3 with overpower is a lot!
    The dark templar can really become a wall, with armour above 10 or 12, and heal himself 3 or even 4 times in a fight...but your brawn, at the end of the book will be too low; so you need to compensate and balance both his abilities; At speed 10, brawn 10/11 and armour 9 i was competitive and with enough options to deal most of the opponents.
    The dark templar is almost the nemesis of the dervish, who is a whirlwind focused on speed/brawn against multiple opponents; here you have a tank, and i can say that many times i had difficulties to use retaliation and sideswipe because of no health damage.
    Focusing 100% on his combos, on the other side leave you less choices on the other items and abilities; i used first blood, bleed, rapid pulse combo or the whip (thorns) against who is immune to bleed.
    I didn’t have (except one) speed abilities.

    I confirm that the difficulty of the book (very thematic with the absolutely stunning and exciting plot!) from Act 2 “blue quest” is tough, sometimes too much in my opinion; also because in Act 2 there is no option to buy health potions (only a little boost to help in the green quest training day); yes, the Dark templar can heal, but the amount of passive damages sometimes is a bit overwhelming in my opinion.
    I left behind only half dungeon delve (temple of the elements)...was so close to finish it ...arghh, and the Garriot tomb, but i plan to try to finish them (playing them with the saved stats of my hero before the Boss fight).
    About the warp abilities: the -4 health to use, made them very difficult to play, at the end i used them only a couple of times.

    I recommend to try both Act2 warrior carrers (Dervish and Dark Templar), or why not keep the beastmaster or sentinel (Act 1); Enough for 4 different runs; two career focused on exploiting your pet’s stats and abilities and the other two focused on your hero.

  • Re: Samu'el - DQ4

    Really amazing insight into your character and your experiences. Appreciate this level of detail and I take on board all the points you make. Super work!

  • Re: Samu'el - DQ4

    About silver: i collected a total 962 silver coins (i think i collected probably the 100% available considering the choices i made, and i didn't play the gamble games), and i was tempted to buy that very expensive sword (no spoiler!) with crazy powerful AOE ability together with the crowback (or sunbreak) shield would have been awesome.
    But i was also building the Astute Guardian combo, and my warrior would had crazy high armour and too low brawn; At that point i have already planned my Retaliation-Sideswipe-Counter-overtpower combo, and these abilities help you mainly to boost your armour, except few items that can give you some points of brawn (with a very accurate planned character building you can probably have two abilities that boost your armour and the other two that boost your brawn - no spoiler!).
    And if i have bought that expensive sword i probably didn't have enough coins to buy other stuff, and it's plenty of good stuff, from the Cabal (or sun dogs) rewards, to the pet upgrades, or augments...difficult choices.
    I often found myself with very hamletic choices about loot, this means that the game is engineered in an exceptional way.

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