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Topic: Jeremiah - DQ4

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  • Jeremiah - DQ4

    My DQ4 character:

    Most exciting battle?
    Act 1: Vs. Ignitus (section 334)
    Act 2: Vs. Cabal Shredder/Slasher (section 492)

    Name: Jeremiah
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Dervish (former Sentinel)
    Abilities: Whirlwind (pa), Sand dance (co)

    Stats: S9/B9/M1/A4/H59 (Demon Blood)

    Head: Dervish Veil +1S/+2B Ability: Cleave (co) + Ravager Jaw (Special) +1B
    Cloak: Ragged Storm +1S/+1B Ability: Haste (sp)
    Gloves: Stygian Spikes +1S/+2A Ability: Retribution (co)
    Chest: Golem Plate +1S/+3A Ability: Bull Guard (mo)
    Feet: Firewalkers +1S/+1B Ability: Sear (pa)
    Main hand: Sundance Sword +1S/+2B Ability: Fatal Blow (co)
    Left hand: Crimson Meridian +2S/+2B Ability: Cyclone (mo)
    Talisman: Magnetite Propulser +1S Ability: Deflect (co)
    Necklace: Dark Dogma +1B/+1M Ability: Consume (mo)
    Ring: Blood Blaze +1B Ability: Bleed (pa)
    Ring: Marsh Light Ability: Blind (sp)

    Warp Abilities: Misdirection, Dark Haze, Shadow Well
    Reputation: Dryads (2), Cabal (3), Sun Dogs (2), Griglo Tick-Tock (3)
    Pets: Metal scorpion, Talon wing (with plated talons)
    Augments: Mobility, Aggression, Perception
    Silver: 174


    Keywords: Desperado, Hollow, Seeker, Edict, Hoard, Tyrant, Precious, Reinforcements, Redeemer, Collection, Resolve, Vexed, Vindicator, Pirate, Approval, Spirits, Magus, Lotus, Prince, Champion, Sun Dogs, Muse, Fortitude, Miracle

    Notes: Ivory Tablet
    Vault: a couple of items that i swap to improve B (11), reduce A (2), and add Skewer (co)

  • Re: Jeremiah - DQ4

    I didn’t finish the 3 Dungeon Delve, (reached the last fight in the Dryads Dungeon), and couldn’t complete the two legendaries monsters available in Act 2.
    I had some troubles near the end of Act 1, but mainly my fault (no potions) because i was saving silver for future upgrades;
    I found the multiple combats (Blue and Red quests in Act2) very tough, especially i had difficulties to contain the constant passive damage.
    This was mainly due, beside the bad luck with dices, that i didn’t planned my warrior build from the beginning, i just played and enjoyed the book without thinking where’s the best loot.
    I liked the Sentinel career, where the Talon Wing can be a very good support in its passive stance;
    Unfortunately not having enough Reputation with the Sun Dogs and the Merchant i didn’t improve the Dervish career (i could have reached Speed 10 and change/switch some abilities).

    I will try the Beastmaster career, because the Mastiff can be played more in its aggressive stance (thanx to abilities like Guardian); and i wanna try the Dark Templar career, sounds very challenging but with interesting combo options.

  • Re: Jeremiah - DQ4

    Wow, thank you for sharing your hero and all this amazing info. It's all really helpful to me, especially as I am now writing DQV so I can take your comments on board. I also have a new hero to help playtest with

  • Re: Jeremiah - DQ4

    Edited the correct amount of Silver; Sold the minor artifacts. Also i forgot to lower -1A due to final fight.

    I am currently playing it again, as a Warrior, but this time choosing Cabal and Hinba tribe.
    Also i am planning since the Prologue the "best path" with these priorities: loot, career combo abilities, silver, reputation.
    And i can already say that it's a totally different experience.
    deeper analysis in next posts

  • Re: Jeremiah - DQ4

    More opinions, comparing the warrior career options that i am exploring:
    Pets review:
    This is a really nice add to the already awesome features of this series.
    As i suggested in the current Companion kickstarter, it would be perfect to have cards like the special loot or tokens to keep track of the passive/aggressive stance; something like front side (passive) rear side (aggressive), with some cool artworks to portrait their stance.

    Talon wing: with its ability is a very good passive support, 1 passive damage to an apponent can help to keep doing damages in multiple combats, together with the Sentinel abilities, can give you a great start (1st round victory) and damage back.
    Guardian (pa) ability can even upgrade the damage-
    I upgraded it with Plated talons and it to helped its survive when i rolled 1 in passive stance.
    So for me it’s a positive review!

    Metal scorpion: i used it only during one fight, so i can’t say much, but its ability (upgraded) could have been very useful (especially when my characters had 1 or 2 Speed points less then the opponent; but i think it’s unlocked too late in the game, probably will have a better use in the next book!

    Mastiff: currently using it with the Beastmaster career, and it’s awesome. Its upgrade can help it to survive longer, but if you use it, giving a round or two in passive stance to heal itself, it’s powerful in its aggressive stance; i boosted it with a couple of unused combat (or speed) abilities and this “puppy” can deal severe damages, plus when defeated its last bite can (in the luckiest way) do 8 damages.
    Guardian (pa) ability is equally useful (even more, i say) also with the Mastiff, good combo.
    So, in my opinion, it’s a positive review and it’s more funny to use it than the Talon wing; Probably in a 20 rounds long combat, for example, i think the (total) damages did by these pets, more or less, can be equal, probably a bit higher by the Mastiff.

  • Re: Jeremiah - DQ4

    Thanks for the feedback on pets, that's interesting to note. I'm certainly adding new pets and improving old ones when it comes to the next book - so if you have a favourite, then they should still be useful in future/more difficult encounters.

    The same goes for mage minions also.

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