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Topic: Raiders of the Dune Sea Buccaneer

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  • Raiders of the Dune Sea Buccaneer

    After a break, i’ve played through Dune Sea on the final path of the Rogue.

    Name: Spring Heeled Jack
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Buccaneer, formerly tomb raider

    Speed: 11 Brawn: 16 Armour: 2 Health: 52

    Head - Gloom Cover +1Sp, +2Br (Gloom)
    Cloak - Sucker Punch +1Sp, +2Br (Blood Mark)
    Gloves - Mercy Cuffs +1Sp, +2Br (Bleed)
    Chest - Skulker’s S*s (plus Geck Scales and Ravenger jaw) +1Sp, +1Br, +2Ar (Sneak)
    Feet - Raider’s Perch (plus ambulatory pads) +3Sp, +1Br (Somersault)
    Main Hand - Zero Dawn (sword) +1Sp, +3Br (Coup de grace)
    Left Hand - Shadow Burst (flintlock) +2Sp, +2Br (Blind, Vanish)
    Talisman - Jonah’s Compass +1Sp, +3health (Surefooted, Charm)
    Necklace - Wind Whispers +1Br, +2health (Trickster)
    Ring 1 - Shaper’s Mark +1Br (Sure Edge)
    Ring 2 - Broken Dreams +1Br, +2health (Charm and Heal (rune))

    Other Abilities - Piercing, Glimmer Dust, Blade Finesse, Luck of the Draw, Improved Misdirection, From Shadows, Shadow Well, Seraph’s Protection

    Augments - 2x Perception

    As well as Haggler’s Pride, the vault holds Golden Gun with the ricochet ability to swap in if facing multiple opponents.

    I enjoyed playing as a Rogue - it felt stripped back and straight forward. The lower health was well balanced in the book by making it easier for Rogue’s to avoid some of the heavy passive damage with speed tests.

    Rogue’s can also hit 11 speed by either getting the +2Sp feet items from the silk merchant or defeating the sand whale, before doing the blue quest in Act 2.

    One thing I didn’t get with the Rogue was the mechanical scorpion pet. By the time you get it you are normally facing opponents with such high armour that it is extremely unlikely (sometimes impossible) for the scorpion to inflict damage and thus it’s speed reducing effect.

  • Re: Raiders of the Dune Sea Buccaneer

    Thanks for sharing this! Always uplifting for me to get feedback and see the heroes that readers are creating.

    Glad that you found the rogue update and play style fun.

    Concerning the metal scorpion - remember its sting activates when it does health damage. So, if in aggressive stance, an enemy will inflict its damage against the scorpion - and as per the pet rules, the scorpion will inflict damage back (*ignoring armour*) equal to its brawn/magic.

    So, the scorpion will ignore an opponent's armour with its attack.

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