Hellsing - Witchfinder

Name: Hellsing /Titles: The Betrayer, Arena grand champion/
Path: Rogue
Career: Witchfinder
Stats: 16sp., 25br., 1ar., 1mg., 45 health

Head: Black widow /+2sp,+2br/ Ab.- webbed
Cloak: Drape of shadow /+2sp,+4br/ Ab.- chill touch
Gloves: Reaper's fists /+1sp,+3br/ Ab.- critical strike
Chest: Dark slayer vest/+2sp,+4br/Ab.- dominate
Feet: Logan's runners/+2sp,+1br/Ab.- sidestep

Main hand: Talanost's edge (sword)/+3sp,+5br/ Ab.- sear
Left hand: Ice splinter/+2sp,+4br/ Ab.- piercing

Talisman: Tiger's heart/+1sp/ Ab.- cat's speed

Necklace: Vermillion heart /+1sp/ Ab.- lifespark
Ring: Serpentine spiral/+1br,+1ar./ Ab.- immobilise
Ring: Zul's zapper /+1br,+1m/ Ab.- zapped!

Abillity list:
mo - sear, critical strike, dominate
sp - Execution, cat's speed, webbed, immobilise, zapped!, chill touch
com - Banshee's wail, windwalker, Judgement, sidestep, piercing
pa - Dark claw, lifespark