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Topic: Alisdair the Tomb Raider!!!

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  • Alisdair the Tomb Raider!!!

    Name: Alisdair
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Tomb Raider*
    Stats: 10 Speed 14 Brawn 2 worthless points of Magic 1 measly Armour 48 Health

    * Tomb robber is such a negative name for someone who’s taking from those dead or gone for over a thousand years. Also, Lara Freakin’ Croft!

    Head: Halo Recluse +1sp +2 br Blind, Vanish
    Cloak: Callous Splinters +1sp +2br Immobilise
    Gloves: Raider’s Reach +1sp +1br Windfall (Loot card!) (and this is probably why I keep thinking Raider not Robber)
    Chest: Everlasting Wraps +1sp +1arm Regrowth
    Feet: Primal Dancers +2sp +2br Cruel Twist

    Main hand: Kiss of Betrayal (dagger) +1sp +2br First Blood
    Left hand: Baleen Tine (dagger) +2sp +2br Bleed, Gouge
    Talisman: Jonah’s Compass +1sp +3health Surefooted, Charm (Loot card!)

    Necklace: Mahuna String +1br +1mag Sear, Charm, Heal* (*special ability added)
    Ring: Shaper’s Mark +1br Sure Edge
    Ring: Leaping Stag +1br +1mag Haste, Charm

    Career abilities: Freerunner, Toxic Blades
    Rogue abilities: Spark Daggers, Piercing
    Warp abilities: Misdirection, From Shadows, Shadow Well, Seraph’s Protection
    Augments: Perception, Aggression, Mobility
    Pet: Metal Scorpion with Potent Stinger
    Factions: Hinba +6, Cabal +4, Sun Dogs +3, Jeweler +7, Grigio +4
    Backpack (now Pioneer’s Knapsack): everything sold or used, but now it smells like dung

    So, I’d made a few mistakes. I kept forgetting I had a pet to soak up some damage and sting my opponent, but that’s to be expected with something new. The big mistake was assuming Cruel Twist was a passive ability, useable on every 6 rolled for damage score, though only the first one. So I’d use it 2-4 times per combat, especially when I had Dominate, and it went really well with Sear and Sure Edge. Probably have won anyway. I guess it brought back happy memories of playing a Berserker in Book 1. I did notice in time for the final Boss battle, where I promptly rolled zero 6’s.

    You know the film Night of the Hunter, where the preacher had LOVE and HATE tattooed on his knuckles? That’s what I felt like with my two rings, BLEED and GOUGE. Of course, Gouge is worthless without Bleed, and Bleed is a little measly without Gouge. So a better ring would force a tough decision, though the vault really helped. But the problem is solved once I defeated Bahamut on the fourth try and nabbed a dagger with both. Plus a very clever name.

    Freerunner might be one of the five best career abilities I’ve ever seen. A speed ability that gives you +3 Speed and +2 Brawn is strong enough, but this was a modifier. Perfect for when you lose an attack round by 1-2 speed and don’t think a reroll will do the trick.

    My vault is full, but the only item I really miss is the necklace Wind Whispers. My necklace may have three decent abilities, but WW adds +2 health and Trickster, a classic game changer that I could use twice thanks to Shadow Well. And now I’m realizing I could use Shadow Well to get Freerunner back, though Trickster can turn around even the worst speed roll.

    I was disappointed that some Act 1 quests were off limits unless you had the right keyword. But I respect it, and it helps you want to play again. Also, this didn’t affect gameplay, but for the first time, you got to do something very impressive. Something that you could do in the real world, that can feel really good and possibly result in high-fives and fist bumps from your friends. Though you should be mindful of the consequences. I feel I’ve said too much.

    Great book, love the cliffhanger, and can’t wait for the next one!

  • Re: Alisdair the Tomb Raider!!!

    Thanks for the detailed write-up and feedback, T-Man. Glad that you loved the book and really liked your 'Bleed' and 'Gouge' analogy!

  • Re: Alisdair the Tomb Raider!!!

    Ok, now I’m thinking a set of two rings, “Love” and “Hate”, that when worn together, give a special ability. I didn’t see any equipment sets in Book 4, but a vault makes it much easier to use them.

  • Re: Alisdair the Tomb Raider!!!

    I was thinking about top tier armour and item sets in the next book - so who knows.

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