Raiders of the Dune Sea Dervish

An honour to be posting the first hero having completed the Raiders of the Dune Sea.

Name: Brynn
Path: Warrior
Career: Dervish (formerly Sentinel)
Stats: Speed 10, Brawn 13, Armour 7, Health 63

Head - Crooked Crown (plus ravager jaw) +1sp, +1br, +1ar (command)
Cloak - Dusk Rider +1sp, +3br (knockdown)
Gloves - Wrath Gauntlets +1sp, +2ar (dark pact, charm)
Chest - Dark Aegis (plus Eluminum Plate, nice joke on our American friends, by the way) +1sp, +4ar (consume, deflect)
Feet - Dune Winds +2sp, +2br (cyclone, charm)
Main hand - Blistered Blade (sword) +1sp, +2br (melt armour)
Left hand - Crimson Meridian (sword) +2sp, +2br (cyclone)
Talisman - Jonah's Compass (plus Glyph of Life) +1sp, +5 health (surefooted, charm)
Necklace - Ashes of Rage, +1br, +3 health (sear, melt armour, dominate)
Ring 1 - Blood Blaze +1br (bleed)
Ring 2 - Bone Stem +1br (cleave)

Probably only thing particularly worth mentioning from the vault is Bloodstained band (+2br and mortal wound) which swaps in for Bone Stem when facing single opponents. Have duplicate abilities on weapons so will be looking to prioritise upgrading them in the next book.

Abilities: last defence, improved misdirection, dark haze, seraph's protection and shadow well. Plus whirlwind and sand dance from Dervish career

Faction reputations: Dryads +4, Cabal +7, Sun Dogs +2.

Pets: Talon Wing and Metal Scorpion