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Topic: Advice rogue build

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  • Re: Advice rogue build

    I have to post to share my sheer joy of playing book two. I absolutely love it! Improves on the first in every single way. Just wrapped up the first act with a rogue pilgrim. Some tough combats but nothing I ever couldn't handle. Story has me gripped and no idea what lies in store in the jungles! Converting a few of my friends over to game books too.

    Great work and thank you for such amazing books!

  • Re: Advice rogue build

    I'll take praise like that all day long! Thank you. Glad that you are enjoying the new adventure and continue to find fun with the rest of the series.

  • Re: Advice rogue build

    What an incredible ride! Loved book two so much. I want to play again immediately!

    here is my chaarcetr to share who finished well. I tried to make thief work but didn't have all the abilities to make the most of backstab. Then I found the blood archer and I was so pleased to have bleed on a ring I upgraded to use with blood hail.

    I will play again with mage or warrior. Probably mage I think.

    Name: Jaggs
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Blood archer
    Stats: 16 sp, 25 br, 2 ar
    Head: Black talon hood 2 sp 3 br vanish
    Cloak: Mesh of sinews 2 sp 4 br dark pact
    Gloves: Spider grips 1 sp 2br sure grip, heal, savagery
    Chest: Rock spine coat 2sp 4br gouge
    Feet: Singed footpad 2sp 3br sidestep
    Main hand: Abandoned hope 3 sp 4br gutripper
    Left hand: Agilax string of tears 2 sp 3 br archer
    Talisman: Lightning wetstone 1sp sure edge
    Necklace: Dreamcatcher 1sp immobilise
    Ring: Lycantch’s teeth 1br bleed, charm, vanish +2 armour
    Ring: Fishers friend 1 br hooked, charm
    Bonus: prophecy, demon claws, demon spines, blood thief, blood hail,

    I loved the team battles btw. Please keep them in future books!

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