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Topic: Advice rogue build

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  • Advice rogue build

    Any help on making a rogue to take down the dragon in act 2? Many attempts and not come close to killing this beast yet!

  • Re: Advice rogue build

    At what stage of Act 2 are you? The elite boss monsters are best attempted towards the end of that act once your speed is equal to (or greater) than their own. Potions and mushrooms can also help to tip the balance in a close fight.

  • Re: Advice rogue build

    Completed everything now except finishing the arena quest, snapjaw monster, and boss. Studying other posts I'm sure I underestimated speed. I think I could be unlucky as I've come to rely on piercing and thorns for damage and the dragon ignores all that. No doubt I made a mistake by taking the upgraded crown of command.

    I'll keep trying! I'm fighting the white ape now!!

  • Re: Advice rogue build

    Yeh act 2 is rough on rogues especially if you specced into a passive ability assassin. Most enemies are immune to venom and deal high damage back at you. Enjoy the payback in act 3 when rogues become gods ;)

  • Re: Advice rogue build

    Thanks xodo! Good to know. No matter I beat the dragon and got the awesome sword. I defeated the ape and snapjaw first and got new headgear (speed 12 now) and a new dagger that helped me. I only have shara kana to beat in the arena before i can do the boss

  • Re: Advice rogue build

    Finished! Act 3 did turn out to be much easier than expected. Some of the legendarys were hard tho and took me a few attempts (Didn't do them all I don't think). I held on to the dragon sword just because and hoped to find something with venom later in the game to benefit from deadly poisons. Sadly was not to be. Passed up on the dagger from the arena which was kinda foolish in hind sight. Also kept the peircing gloves for too long I think.

    Name: Jitt
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Assassin

    Stats: 15sp, 24br
    Head: Total eclipse 2 sp 3 br vanish
    Cloak: Hulking shoulder s 2 sp 3 br barbs
    Gloves: Diamond fists 2br piercing
    Chest: Shadow binding 2sp 3br evade
    Feet: Marsh stalkers 2sp 3br sideswipe
    Main hand: Morticians scalpel 3sp 4br, disease
    Left hand: Dragon slayer 2sp, 4br deep wound
    Talisman: Demon’s Heart 1sp, trickster
    Necklace: Eye of shadow 1sp haste
    Ring: Witchwood thorn 1br thorns
    Ring: Finger of fire 1 br sear
    Bonus: First strike, Deadly poisons, Dark claw, Snakes alive

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