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Topic: Ashe, Ranger

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  • Ashe, Ranger

    Hey everyone Today I finished the first book. I went with a Dark Ranger because I don’t think many have the class and I thought it sounded cool. He has done good for me and I ‘m liking warrior for the Cleave and Overpower, burst damage from Savagery and Piercing!, and tankiness of having some armour. The speed locks and wins are welcome too.

    This isn't the standard class I often use but I didn’t do very well with a mage. Is a mage good in the other books?

    Name: Ashe
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Dark Ranger
    Stats: 16sp, 20br, 5 ar
    Health: 55
    Head: Dread Mask (2sp, 3br, Overpower)
    Cloak: Pauldrons of Might (2sp, 3br, Fortitude)
    Gloves: Bone Bracers (1sp, 2br, Bleed)
    Chest: Beast’s Harness (2sp, 4ar, Knockdown)
    Feet: Barbarous Boots (2sp, 3br, Savagery)
    Main hand: Blood Crescent (3sp, 5br, Cleave)
    Left hand: Raven’s Eye (2sp, 3br, Bolt)
    Talisman: Demon’s Heart (1sp, Trickester)
    Necklace: Eye of Shadow (1sp, Haste)
    Ring: Blood Winter (1br, Leech)
    Ring: Cutter’s Corneliun (1ar, Piercing)

  • Re: Ashe, Ranger

    Mage is great in all three books. If you can finish the first one with a warrior then I don't reckon you'll have any problems.

  • Re: Ashe, Ranger

    Thanks Redout! I got the heart of fire for christmas and I'm very excited about trying out a mage hero in this one. I looked at the options on the careers section and I am excited most by the druid and the runecaster. Both look very interesting!

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