Dante - Were-bear

Name: Dante /Titles: The Mourner, The Serpent Slayer/
Path: warrior
Career: were-bear
Stats: 14 sp., 24 br., 4 ar., 3 mg., 60 health

Head: Diving bell /+2sp,+2arm/ Ab.- pain sink // + Shadow fleece (special): Ab.- warg strike
Cloak: Dark storm /+2sp,+3br/ Ab.- splinters
Gloves: Werewood claws /+1sp,+2br/ Ab.- gouge // + Bone dust (special): Ab.- fear + rune of fortune: Ab.- charm + Drone razors (special)+1 br.
Chest: Zombie cage /+2sp,+arm/Ab.- Thorn armour
Feet: Sable's shadows /+2sp,+2br/Ab.- rebound

Main hand: The Fell (axe) /+2sp,+6br/ Ab.- heavy blow
Left hand: Warped edge (sword) /+2sp,+4br/ Ab.- charm, ice edge, agility

Talisman: Monstrous beast /+1sp, +health/ Ab.- bleed

Necklace: Bloodmane /+2br/ Ab.- barbs, charm // + Rune of midwinter: Ab.- frost burn + Glyph of strenght+ 1br + Rune of healing: Ab.- heal
Ring: Four of stars /+1br, +1m/ Ab.- charm, knockdown // + Rune of weakening: Ab.- curse
Ring: Entrapment /+2br, +2m/ Ab.- immobilise

Abillity list:
Bonus - Body of spirit
dm - upper hand, recuperation, shadow thorns
mo - charm, charm, charm, charm, intimidate, frost burn, heal, fear, ice slick, pain sink, tormented soul, agility
sp - knockdown, immobilise, curse
com - spectral claws, thorn armour, warg strike, rebound, splinters, heavy blow, *Shape shift
pa - gambit, barbs, bleed, gouge, ice edge, *Blood frenzy