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Topic: Two Blades the Swordsmaster

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  • Two Blades the Swordsmaster

    Path: Rogue
    Career: Swordsmaster (previously Pickpocket)
    Titles : The Betrayer
    Speed: 17
    Brawn: 28 (+sear)
    Magic: 0
    Armour: 2
    Health: 45
    Gold: 893

    Head: Budak’s Blindfold (2sp 3br Second Sight)
    Cloak: Nemesis Shroud (2sp 3br Piercing*)
    Gloves: Reaper’s Fists (1sp 3br Parry*)
    Chest: Confessor’s Coat (2sp 4br Evade*)
    Feet: Marsh Stalkers (2sp 3br Sidestep*)
    * Patchwork Pauper used to keep strong abilities on high-powered items

    Main hand: Burning Heretic (sword, 3sp 3br Critical Strike)
    Left hand: Talanost’s Edge (sword, 3sp 5br Sear)

    Talisman: Demon’s heart (1sp Trickster)
    Necklace: Dour Frenzy (1sp Usurper)
    Ring: Styrax Sinew (2br 2ar Webbed)
    Ring: Hunger (2br Leech)

    + Abilities: Swift Strikes, Ambidextrous, Dark claw, Banshee’s wail, Windwalker

    Swordsmaster doesn’t seem to get a lot of love, but I think it is a very good career, allowing you to have a +3sp sword in your left hand and do a decent amount of damage with swift strikes. I stayed as a pickpocket for a long time so I could have clothing items with superb stats and the best abilities. Toughest part was in Act 2 until I completed the red quest and got the Crown of Command plus speed boost from other items collected in that quest. With the gold detector, managed to get enough gold to buy all three of the “rare” Rogue items from Waldo. Also took usurper ability because I liked the idea of this hero fighting a Heart of Fire hero and being able to usurp sure grips as would then make swift strikes devastating.

  • Re: Two Blades the Swordsmaster

    Wow, that's a pretty damn awesome build! I did balk at the 17 speed, but yes - of course, you can equip main and left swords in whichever hand you want. Excellent!

  • Re: Two Blades the Swordsmaster

    Wow, I also did a Swordmaster by way of Patchwork Pauper, and was planning to post that. I just went through Heart of Fire and had him fight team battles and grab equipment there. I'll post it soon, if I can stop procrastinating. I made different choices on what abilities I patchworked in.

  • Re: Two Blades the Swordsmaster

    Thats really nice. I tend to favour serenity over the burning heretic to get deep wound but you lose out on the speed. Defeating the fire giant for the burning heretic is easier now than it was in the early days

  • Re: Two Blades the Swordsmaster

    Well, for me, the whole point about swordmaster is the ability to maximise your speed to silly levels. I do like Serenity though! What would you have on the head slot then, instead of Budak's blindfold?

  • Re: Two Blades the Swordsmaster

    With high speed I wouldn't be taking damage that often so second sight is nice but depending on other gear I think I'd go total eclipse or black widow. Webbed is great and always grab if I can. Likewise vanish is always another good damage escape.

    I did have this swordsmaster as my first hero back in the day:

    I am playing LoS again now as warrior but do want to revisit swordmaster now and improve it. Back then the book didn't have the extra bonus quest.

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