Arran the Einherjar

Path: Warrior
Career: Einherjar
Titles : The Serpent Slayer, The Everliving
Speed: 15
Brawn: 20 (+barbs and thorns)
Magic: 3
Armour: 7
Health: 55
Gold: 805

Head: Warg Crown (2sp 2ar Barbs)
Cloak: Swathe of Scales (2sp 2ar Deflect, +Warg Strike, +Insulated)
Gloves: Assault Grips (1sp 2br Piercing, +Fear)
Chest: Captain’s Coat (2sp 3br, 1ar Overpower, enhanced with drone razors and terra scales)
Feet: Witched Walkers (2sp 2ar Freeze)

Main hand: The Fell (axe) (Heavy Blow)
Left hand: Tekk’s Trumpet (2sp 2br Stampede, +Curse)

Talisman: Gorgon’s Gaze (1sp 2br Petrify)
Necklace: Coldheart Cinch (1sp 1br Mangle)
Ring: Constant Copper (2br 1mg Watchful, +Thorns, +Heal)
Ring: Betrayer’s Kiss (2br 2mg Critical Strike, +Heal, +Charm)

+ Abilities: Upperhand, Recuperation, Shadow Thorns, Spectral Claws, Gambit, Ice Slick, Bloody Maiden, Intimidate, Sound the Charge, Rallying Cry, Might of Stone

I wanted to try Einherjar because I think that this isn’t a great career so might be hard. I still think that, but it wasn’t actually too difficult, knowing the books. A lot of that is down to having Stampede on the horn, which causes a huge amount of damage to multiple opponents when combined with bloody maiden and/or critical strike. Another major factor was combining with my Scholar to get the powerful axe after winning the team battle. Without that he would have been a bit underpowered.