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Topic: Merrick the Monk

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  • Merrick the Monk

    Hi again!

    Here is the final version of my HoF Warrior Hero, Merrick as I have now completed the Team battle in DQ3.

    I never switched careers with this Hero. I found the Monk to be a better choice than the other two options I was presented with (Drake and Titan). This Hero breezed through nearly every fight and even did the lion's share of the work in the Act 3 Team Battle (thank you, 'Disrupt'!); this despite having missed an opportunity to boost my 'Meditation' ability and not being able to locate a final upgrade to my Main Hand Fist Weapon (is there one? - I found an upgrade for the Left Hand Fist Weapon in Act 3 but not the Main Hand..).

    Anyway, here he is. I can't emphasize enough how much I enjoyed playing this Hero. Monks rule!

    Name:Merrick the Dark Angel
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Monk
    Stats: 15 sp, 24 br, 0 ma, 3 ar
    Health: 60

    Head: Troll Tusks enhanced with Rune of Protection and Glyph of the Titan (2 sp, 3 ar - Charge, Iron Will)
    Cloak: Blackrock Shoulders (2 sp, 4 br - Retaliation )
    Gloves: Spider Grips enhanced with Rune of Winter, Glyph of Strength and Rune of Healing (1 sp, 3 br - Sure Grip, Heal, Silver Frost)
    Chest: Crystal Plate(2 sp, 4 br - Overpower)
    Feet: Scarlet Sabatons (2 sp, 3 br - Overpower)

    Main hand: Burnished Knuckles (2sp, 2 br- Fatal Blow)
    Left hand: Calcite Claw(2 sp, 3 br - Piercing)

    Talisman: Loki's Promise (1 sp, 5 hl - Charm, Trickster)

    Necklace: Dream Catcher (1 sp, - Immobilise)
    Ring: Ironbeard Band(2 br - Counter)
    Ring: Heat of Ardour(2 br - Sear)

    Other abilities: Prophecy, Focused Strike, Meditation, Demon Claws, Demon Spines, Demon's Blood, Elysium Soaked.

    Gold Crowns: 957

    Backpack: Spectral Syllabub, Quetzal Egg, Phoenix Feather

    Locker (accessible via Spectral Porter): Book of Alpha, Book of Omega, Elixir of Swiftness, Phoenix Tears.

    I swapped the 'Blood Soul' Talisman for 'Loki's Promise', losing 1 Brawn and gaining 5 Health. I also lost 'Weaver', replacing it with 'Trickster' and 'Charm'.

    So there we have it - the completed Hero (still my favourite by far! )

  • Re: Merrick the Monk

    Very nice indeed! I'll have to give this career a go when I get back to playing the 3rd book .

  • Re: Merrick the Monk

    The Monk is a career in Book 2, not Book 3 but that might be a typo.

    Still a great career though if you like to play a fast moving Warrior that rarely gets hit and can dish out a ton of damage. There are only two real weaknesses that I can think of; first is that if they get unlucky and do get hit, they can suffer some major health loss (unlike most Warrior builds, you want to focus on Speed and neglect Armour, so the career feels more 'Rogue'-like). Second is that you are forced to overlook some really awesome weapons as you are restricted to fists only or fist weapons.

    Also, I missed an upgrade to the 'Meditation' ability when I played through. If you manage to pick that up when you play, the character will have great resistance to Passive damage effects as well (even negating some of the weaker effects entirely).

    Have fun with it if you do take it for a whirl!

  • Re: Merrick the Monk

    Yes, I did mean Book 2 (Heart of Fire). I remember the fantastic inscribed fists and how cool they must look! I'm still replaying the first book at the moment, but it's good to see that you're really working through all the available options. That's dedication!

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