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Topic: Torbain the Pyromancer

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  • Torbain the Pyromancer

    I have just started an epic run through all 3 books, choosing a different Path in each. I completed Legion of Shadow with a Mage and this is the final (almost!) Hero.

    I will update Torbain as I make my way through the Team Battles in HoF:

    Name:Torbain the Betrayer
    Path: Mage
    Career: Pyromancer
    Stats: 17 sp, 2 br, 26 ma, 2 ar
    Health: 50

    Head: Kraka's Crown (2 sp, 5 ma - Command)
    Cloak: Slipstream Silk(3 sp, 2 ma - Surge )
    Gloves: Gardener's Gloves (2 sp, 2 ar - Thorns)
    Chest: Drakefire Raiment(2 sp, 3 ma - Fire Aura)
    Feet: Quicksilver Boots (2 sp, 1 ma - Quicksilver)

    Main hand: Tempest's Fury (2sp, 5 ma - Windblast)
    Left hand: Cortical Bulb (3 sp, 5 ma - Brain Drain)

    Talisman: Core of Flame (1 ma)

    Necklace: Diamond of the Tundra (1 sp - Piercing)
    Ring: Conduit of Shadow(3 ma - Overload)
    Ring: Harvester(2 br, 2 ma - Regrowth)

    Other abilities: Ignite, Burn, Snakes Alive!, Windwalker, Dark Claw
    Backpack: Spirit of Tincture

    Gold Crowns: 756

    I used the DQI app for this play through and transferred the Hero to paper afterwards so that I can use them in the HoF Team Battles. Should make a decent damage-dealer to complement my Warrior build in HoF.

    Edit: Just finished the Act 1 Team Battle in HoF and switched the 'Spider Sapphire' ring for the 'Harvester' ring. This boosted my Brawn to 2, lowered my Armour to 2 and raised my Magic by 1. I also gained 100 GC and switched the 'Webbed' ability for the 'Regrowth' ability.

    Edit 2: Just finished the Act 2 Team Battle in HoF and switched the 'Cinder's Gown' for the 'Drakefire Raiment'. This boosted my Speed to 17 and replaced the 'Sear' ability with the 'Fire Aura' ability.

    Final Edit: Completed the Act 3 Team Battle in HoF and gave Torbain the 'Kraka's Crown' to replace 'The Morgue'. This switched the 'Leech' ability for the 'Command' ability.

    So there we have it - Torbain is now a completed Hero!

  • Re: Torbain the Pyromancer

    You're really going for it! That's a lot of game playing

    Great heroes by the way. I'm just about to restart eye of winters fury and thinking of mage for the challenge.

  • Re: Torbain the Pyromancer

    Thanks Matune! I'm having a blast.

    I just updated Torbain after finishing the Team Battle in Act 1 of HoF.

    Enjoy your run through EoWF with a Mage - I certainly found that Path to be the most challenging but it was great fun!

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