Haze the Revenant

Name:Haze (formerly Prince Arran) The Mourner and Serpent Slayer
Path: Mage
Career: Revenant
Stats: 14 sp, 4 br, 20 ma, 2 ar
Health: 57

Head: Tainted Veil (2 sp, 3 ma - Deflect)
Cloak: Sentinel Wings(2 sp, 3 hl - Haste )
Gloves: Volatile Chains (1 sp, 3 ma - Shock Blast)
Chest: Web of Lies (2 sp, 2 ma - Webbed)
Feet: Witched Walkers (2 sp, 2 ar - Freeze)

Main hand: Northern Legacy enhanced with Maggorath's Rot and Kraken Oil(2sp, 4 ma - Charm, Decay, Agility)
Left hand: Syn's Heart (2 sp, 2 ma - Silver Frost)

Talisman: Stolen Thunder (1 sp, 4 hl - Windblast)

Necklace: Hive Mind (2 ma - Recall)
Ring: Betrayer's Kiss enhanced by Rune of Fortune (2 br, 2 ma - Critical Strike, Charm)
Ring: Entrapment enhanced by Rune of Shadows(2 br, 2 ma - Immobilise, Vanish)

Other abilities: Creeping Cold, Malefic Runes, Spectral Claws, Gambit, Intimidate, Spirit Call, Tormented Soul, Might of Stone, Recharge, Shadow Thorns

Backpack: Flask of Healing

Gold Crowns: 780

Well - my run through with a Mage turned out to be a lot tougher than it was with Rogue and Warrior. I found myself having to pass on a lot more items or replace a more useful ability for a less useful ability to get stat boosts or choose a better ability whilst losing stats (usually Magic ). There were many occasions when I had duplicate abilities which was frustrating.

I also found myself lacking in Speed abilities until nearer the end of the book, which I always had plenty of with the other paths. I was overloaded with Modifiers and these actually swung battles for me more often than I expected. As much as I found the going tough with the Mage, I did enjoy the different play style.

Well - I'm taking a break from EoWF for a while and I'm going to have another run through LoS and HoF and then come back to this one afterwards - I plan a 3 book marathon using a different Path in each one. Not sure which Path to use for which book yet...

Thanks for the good times!