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Topic: Furore the Storm Carl

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  • Furore the Storm Carl

    Name:Furore (formerly Prince Arran) The Redeemer and Serpent Slayer
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Storm Carl
    Stats: 15 sp, 15 br, 4 ma, 6 ar
    Health: 60

    Head: Tomb Life (2 sp, 2 ar - Greater Heal)
    Cloak: Aggressor's Mantle enhanced with Shadow Fleece, Troll's Tresses and Rune of Healing(2 sp, 2 br - Barbs, Warg Strike, Heal Insulated )
    Gloves: Tangled Tentacles enhanced with Bone Dust and Rune of Fortune (1 sp, 1 br - Webbed, Fear, Charm)
    Chest: Dark Fall (2 sp, 2 ma - Blind)
    Feet: Deep Ice Dredgers enhanced with Terrordactyl Scales and Drone Razors (2 sp, 1 br, 4 ar - Heavy Blow)

    Main hand: Guilt Spike (2sp, 3 br - Deep Wound)
    Left hand: Siren's Maxim (2 sp, 3 br - Windblast, Fear)

    Talisman: Spirit Fire (1 sp, 5 hl - Sear)

    Necklace: Coldheart Cinch (1 sp, 1 br - Mangle)
    Ring: Betrayer's Kiss (2 br, 2 ma - Critical Strike)
    Ring: Death Cycle (2 br - Cleave)

    Other abilities: Hurricane Rush, Spin Shot, Spectral Claws, Gambit, Intimidate, Ice Slick, Salvation, Might of Stone, Upper Hand, Shadow Thorns

    Backpack: Elixir of Swiftness, History of Skardland, Pot of Healing, Fixing Infuser, Flask of Healing

    Locker: Cure All

    Gold Crowns: 760

    Had an even easier time of it with my Warrior than I did with my Rogue! I started with the Were but switched to the Storm Carl and stuck with that to the end (was tempted by the Einherjar but Hurricane Rush and Spin Shot are such good abilities I couldn't bear to part with them). I built my Warrior around my Storm Carl abilities and it really paid off. My Brawn might seem low for a Warrior but my choice of abilities meant that I was regularly dishing out tons of damage regardless. For example, I was able to destroy 5 enemies with 16 Armour each in round 1 just by using the combo of Hurricane Rush, Critical Strike and Mangle (thus getting a Special Achievement ).

    I took the 'good path' this time round - seems most folks take that path on the first playthrough anyway but I took the 'dark path' on my first run (see my Rogue character, Alziel). I think I'll take the 'dark path' again on my next playthrough as a Mage - I think I prefer that path.

    I'll also have to play through HoF again so that I have a fresh Hero to team up with one of my EoWF characters for the optional Team Battle.

    Once again - excellent book. Really enjoying it!

  • Re: Furore the Storm Carl

    Note the changes/errata to the Storm Carl's abilities (spin shot was toned down a bit from the initial release and hurricane rush was just a clarification that it can't be used in conjunction with rolling for a damage score):

    Hurricane rush (co): Give into your fury and become a reckless whirlwind
    of death! Use this ability instead of rolling for a damage score, to inflict 2 damage dice to each opponent ignoring armour (roll separately for each), but for every opponent you hit you must take 1 damage in return, ignoring armour. You can only use this ability once per combat.

    Spin shot (co): Instead of rolling for a damage score, you can use spin shot. This ability inflicts 2 damage dice to your opponent, ignoring armour – plus 3 extra damage for every speed point difference you have over your opponent in this round. You can only use this ability once per combat.

  • Re: Furore the Storm Carl

    Yep - I got the errata for the Storm Carl abilities, but I was making the mistake of using 'Critical Strike' for each damage dice roll rather than just for one (which of course made things really easy!).

    I also noticed that I applied 'Mangle' and looking at the text for that ability now, it would appear that it cannot be used on damage dice rolls - only on dice that you roll for damage score. Would that be correct?

    I'm going to do fresh run throughs with a Rogue and a Warrior character in the near future (after completing HoF again so I can do the optional Team Battle); I'm actually finding my third run through with a Mage character to be much more of a struggle...

  • Re: Furore the Storm Carl

    Yes, mangle can only be used on dice when rolling for a damage score.

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