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Topic: Holacius the Cavalier

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  • Holacius the Cavalier

    Hi Everyone. I wanted to share my first hero to survive LoS! This was my third hero in the end. My others were abandoned in Act 2 and Act 3. Thankfully I chose to treat them as a test run and ended up finishing with a warrior which I am proud of! My aim was to build a holy paladin type hero with lots of armour and healing. I didn’t get there in the end. There aren’t many healing items for warriors and that was disappointing. I also couldn’t get the Inquisitor career which I really wanted.

    I have started HoF and really enjoying it! Looking forward to the team combats when I bring my cavalier back into the fray!!

    Name: Holacius
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Cavalier
    Stats: 15 sp 17 br 11 ar
    Health: 55

    Head: Dread Mask (2 sp 3 br) Overpower
    Cloak: Pauldrons of Might (2 sp 3 br) Fortitude
    Gloves: Branded Bracers (2 br 2 ar) Regrowth
    Chest: Pacemaker (2 sp 4 ar) Kick Start
    Feet: Twisted Treads (2 sp 2 br) Trickster
    Main hand: Retribution (3 sp 6 br) Feral Fury
    Left hand: Dark Tower (2 sp 4 ar) Impale
    Talisman: Tiger’s Heart (1 sp) Cat Speed
    Necklace: Glacial Shards (1 sp 1 br) Piercing
    Ring: Khana’s Revenge (2 br) Bleed
    Ring: Cutter’s Cornelian (1 ar) Piercing (Never got chance to change this. Held on in case I changed Necklace.)

    Bonus abilities: Shield Wall, Shield Spin, Bright Shield, Snakes Alive, Wind Walker

  • Re: Holacius the Cavalier

    My original log in didn't work so I had to register a new one. I have finished book two and three and going to upload my hero data.

  • Re: Holacius the Cavalier

    Heart of fire --

    Name: Hollister
    Path: Mage
    Career: Acolyte
    Stats: 14 sp, 27 ma
    Health: 50

    Head: Karakas Crown (2 sp 5 ma) Command
    Cloak: Wings of Fury (2 sp 3 ma) Surge
    Gloves: Rainbow Skin Brassard (1 sp 1 ma) Regrowth
    Chest: Drakefire Raiment (2 sp 3 ma) Fire Aura + rune of fortune + rune of meditation
    Feet: Ixions Shackles (2 sp 3 ma) Immobilise
    Main hand: Wishing Staff (2 sp 3 ma) Wishmaster
    Left hand: B is For Banshee (2 sp 4 ma) Windblast
    Talisman: Benediction (1 ma)Bless, Last rights
    Necklace: Obsidian Shards (1 sp) Piercing + rune of shadows
    Ring: Bad Tooth (2 ma) Disease
    Ring: Blood Diamond (2 ma) Bleed

    Bonus abilities: Prophecy, Demon Claws, Vanish, Charm, Channel

  • Re: Holacius the Cavalier

    Eye of winters fury --

    Name: Ghost/Arran
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Trapper
    Stats: 13 sp, 16 br, 3 ma, 3 ar
    Health: 45 + 5 Health (50)

    Head: Oblivion Hood (1 sp 2 br) Decay
    Cloak: Agressor’s Mantle (2 sp 2 br) Barbs + troll tresses
    Gloves: Tangled Tentacles (1 sp 1 br) Webbed
    Chest: Symbiote Scales (1 sp 1 ar) Evade + shadow fleece
    Feet: Whelk Walkers (2 sp 2 ar) Haste
    Main hand: Valediction (2 sp 4 br) Cruel Twist
    Left hand: Hail Storm (2 sp 3 br) Piercing
    Talisman: Night Whispers (1 sp 5 health) Immobilise
    Necklace: Coldheart Cinch (1 sp 1 br) Mangle + rune of healing + rune of nightmares
    Ring: Equaliser (1 br 1 ma) Reaper
    Ring: Storm eye (2 br 2 ma) Windblast

    Bonus abilities: Spectral Claws, Scarlet Strikes, Gambit, Shadow Thorns, Best Laid Plans, Vital Artery, Warg Strike, Heal, Fear, Insulated, Salvation

  • Re: Holacius the Cavalier

    Congratulations on completing the first three adventures!

    What were your problems logging into the site? You're not the first to mention this so if you can let me know then perhaps I can investigate it for you.

  • Re: Holacius the Cavalier

    Thank you!

    No problem with the site. I used an old work email previously which I don't have access to now so couldn't retrieve my password.

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