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Topic: alcol act 2 book 1 warrior

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  • alcol act 2 book 1 warrior

    Name: alcol
    Path: warrior
    Career: berzerker
    Stats: 10 speed 15 brawn 5 magic 8 armor 320g

    Head: Crown of command 5 brawn 5 magic command
    Cloak: Winter pelt 2 speed 2 armor Savagery
    Gloves: Molten gauntlets 2 brawn 1 armour
    Chest: murk water vest 2 Speed 2 armor corruption
    Feet: Scout’s longboats 1 speed 3 brawn Sideswipe

    Main hand: Frenzy 2 speed 4 brawn cleave
    Left hand: Stone crescent 2speed 2armor slam

    Talisman: tigers fury 1speed berserker career

    Necklace: Diamond of the tundra 1speed piercing
    Ring: Dryad’s band 1 brawn thorn armouur
    Ring: my precus 1 armour vanish


  • Re: alcol act 2 book 1 warrior

    Marsh stalkers are rogue only

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