Carne the Were Bear!!

Name: Carne (the serpent slayer, the mourner)
Path: Warrior
Career: Were
Stats: 15 speed 14 brawn 5 armour health 58

Head: warg crown (2sp 2ar barbs)
Cloak: sentinel wings (2sp + 3 health haste)
Gloves: werewood claws (1sp 2br gouge)
Chest: captain's coat (2sp 2br overpower, insulated)
Feet: ice dredgers (2sp 3ar heavy blow)

Main hand: sky hawk (2sp 3br piercing)
Left hand: siren maxim (2sp 3br windblast, fear)

Talisman: monstrous beast (1sp +5 health bleed)
Necklace: cold heart cinch (1sp 1br mangle)
Ring: entrapment (2br 2ma immobilise)
Ring: corrupted eye (1br 1ma disease, heal)

shape shift, blood frenzy, upper hand, shadow thorns, spectral claws, tormented soul, recuperation

I had a lot of fun with this book. Looks like I have very low brawn but that was only because I took every speed upgrade I could in act 2! But my brawn was boosted with shape shift and the extra speed took me to 16 speed. Easy wins. Only the last few battles gave me any difficulty because of low or no armour. Passive 5 a round was a bonus too.

Mage next!