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Topic: Peppa heroes

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  • Peppa heroes

    Adding my heroes. Love, hate?

    My Legion medic.

    Head: Thalamus tiara, haste +2 speed +3 armour
    Cloak: Cloak of the wind, surge +3 speed +1 armour
    Gloves: Abatoir gloves, bleed +1 speed +4 magic
    Chest: Slipstream gown, overload +2 speed +4 magic
    Feet: Elemental greaves, fire aura +2 speed +2 magic
    Main hand: Frost burn, piercing +2 speed +4 magic
    Left hand: Grasping grimm, rake +3 speed +3 magic
    Talisman: Lady of lamp, medic +1 armour
    Necklace: Vermillion heart, heal +1 speed
    Ring: Wrath of ages, rust +2 magic
    Ring: Menders marcastite, regrowth +1 magic

    Speed 16, Magic 20, Armour 5

    Hindsight my medic was a bad choice overall as I had alchemist then pyromancer but I liked playing healer in other games. The extra heal is good but I think offense is better

  • Re: Peppa heroes

    HoF druid

    Head: Mordant shroud, acid +2 speed +3 magic
    Cloak: Nemesis shawl, wither +2 speed +3 magic
    Gloves: Gloves of firmament, resolve +1 speed +4 ,magic
    Chest: Drakefire raiment, fire aura +2 speed +3 magic
    Feet: ixion shackles, immobilise +2 speed +3 magic
    Main hand: Avalanche, shatter +2 speed +6 magic
    Left hand: Spinnert of shadow, webbed +2 speed +3 magic
    Talisman: Elder seed, druid, heal, vanish +1 magic
    Necklace: Hanuman’s hair, monkey mob +1 speed
    Ring: Bad tooth, disease +2 magic
    Ring: Tangleknot, barbs, charm, silver frost + 1 magic +1 brawn

    Speed 14, Magic 29, Armour 0

  • Re: Peppa heroes

    Medic was a real disappointing class for me. I wanted to choose and try it out but tourniquet is next to useless. I can't even think of a battle where I would ever need that, if it had two or three uses per battle it would be more attractive. Medic really needed another good buff spell, something to add to magic/armour like the Acolytes bless? Still two healers in team battles can't be bad? Still prefer a damage dealer tho/.

  • Re: Peppa heroes

    Agree it was a dumb idea. Although I never had any problems finishing LoS with her which is more than I can say for my puny ranger who is stuck in part 2! I used my mates hero for the team battles, he has rogue assassin dps monster. Was a lot of fun seeing the damage from all our passives

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