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Topic: Buhl the Warrior (LoS)

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  • Buhl the Warrior (LoS)

    Mr Ward - you are stealing my time away with these addictive books - and for that I am very grateful!

    I finished my second run through of HoF recently with a Rogue and thought I'd take a break from DQ for a while. But no - I was lured back to LoS to have a run through with a Warrior!

    I thought I'd post this hero early and update him as I proceed. Here is his current state:

    Name: Buhl
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Ranger (former Gladiator)
    Stats: 10sp; 12br; 0ma; 10ar Health: 45

    Head: Ramrod Helm 1sp; 2ar; (Haste)
    Cloak: Cobwebbed Drape 2sp; 2br; (Webbed)
    Gloves: Molten Gauntlets 2br; 1ar; (Fire Aura)
    Chest: Breastplate of the Bull 3br; 2ar; (Charge)
    Feet: Barkskin Greaves 1sp; 2ar; (Steadfast)

    Main hand: Frenzy - Axe 2sp; 4br; (Cleave)
    Left hand: Stone Crescent - Shield 2sp; 2ar; (Slam)

    Talisman: Demon's Heart 1sp; (Trickster)

    Necklace: Pendant of Foresight 1sp; (Evade)
    Ring: Serpent's Coil 1br; (Immobilise)
    Ring: Cutter's Cornelian 1ar; (Piercing)

    Other Abilities: (Lay of the Land/Nature's Revenge/Beep! Beep!)

    Notes: This hero currently has 223 GC and in his backpack he has: Lorinwold's Guide, Compendium of Dwarven Lore and a Gold Detector

    He has now completed all of the quests in Act 2 except for the Boss quest and he still has Nasareim, King Louis and Shara Khana left to fight in the Arena. He also still has the Hydra and Snapjaw left to encounter if he chooses to do so.

    I'm still finding this an enjoyable character to play but I'm starting to grow concerned over his low Speed. It's really tough finding good Warrior gear with decent Speed (unless I'm just unlucky!). I'm hoping that the combination of my Speed and Combat abilities along with 'Trickster' (and the ongoing 'Fire Aura' damage) can keep me alive long enough to find some Speed boosting gear (without drastically altering my Brawn and/or Armour). Time will tell!

    I found the Gladiator career a bit too weak - the Ranger career is good though. As I am playing a high Armour Warrior with a shield, I'm tempted to switch to Cavalier later - but who knows what the future holds!

    PS: In case anyone forgets, I hate Cinders!!!

  • Re: Buhl the Warrior (LoS)

    My advice for warrior, don't let your speed and brawn drop too low. I really struggled to make a good warrior in LoS. I don't feel they get the same level of choice as the other classes. I found it all too easy to lose out on speed or brawn that ended up with me dying too many times. Pick your items with care is what I say. Ranger helps with getting through act 2.

  • Re: Buhl the Warrior (LoS)


    Looks like I have to give up Buhl.

    I managed to get past Nasareim on my second attempt (with 3 Health to spare) but he had no suitable gear for me to take.

    Now I am unable to get past King Louis (11 attempts so far).

    I am not able to get past the Hydra (7 attempts so far) or Snapjaw (5 attempts so far).

    Tatties warning was correct. My Speed and Brawn can't cut it any more. Once my 'Piercing' and 'Nature's Revenge' abilities are used, this character hits with the force of a feather which isn't going to cut it when you're racing against Venom, Giant Fists or Strangling Vines. Then once my Speed chain is done I can't even land a hit at all.

    How frustrating - I was sure that I was being so careful with my gear selection as well. Oh well - back to the drawing board!

  • Re: Buhl the Warrior (LoS)

    So I'm just at the end of Act 1 LoS with a warrior and planning to go ranger then shadow ranger. It looks like you have passed up/missed quite a lot of gear with higher speed e.g. +2 chest, +2 feet and +1 gloves. So you could be on 14 speed (although lower armour).

    The other thing to bear in mind is why you need to beat the legendary monsters in act 2. They don't really give very good gear. By contrast you can pick up really good stuff on the easier quests in Act 3.

  • Re: Buhl the Warrior (LoS)

    You're right that I've passed up better gear - but because I took a non-optimal path I would say (I'm not familiar enough with the different gear available through which enemies etc and I don't use the Hero Builder).

    You're also right about not having to beat the Legendary monsters but that's me being OCD (I'm a completist!)and I would have liked the opportunity to take up the Berserker career after completing the Arena battles. Plus, I know I won't be able to beat the Shadowstalker in the boss quest if I can't beat the Legendary encounters (he's tougher than they are!).

    No worries - I'll try again and learn from the experience.

  • Re: Buhl the Warrior (LoS)

    I don't think it was the intention that every build and class could clear everything in the game. Some builds will be naturally better than others. At least that is the impression I have gotten through reading these forums and my own experience of playing. If something was proving difficult then I keep moving on and try and get better gear. Usually worked!

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