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Topic: Draegon the Necromancer

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  • Draegon the Necromancer

    This is by far my favourite DQ character yet. Who says Mages are underpowered?

    Name: Draegon the Betrayer, Arena Grand Champion
    Path: Mage
    Career: Necromancer
    Stats: sp 15; br 0; ma 26; ar 3; Health: 50

    Head: The Morgue: 2sp;4ma;(Leech)
    Cloak: Sparkcraft Mantle: 2sp;2ma; (Life Spark)
    Gloves: Abattoir Gloves: 1sp;4ma; (Bleed)
    Chest: Deathgrip Robes: 2sp;3ma; (Corruption)
    Feet: Elemental Greaves: 2sp;2ar; (Fire Aura)

    Main hand: Tempest's Fury: 2sp;5ma; (Windblast)
    Left hand: Cortical Bulb: 3sp;5ma; (Brain Drain)

    Talisman: Bone Fetish: 1ar; (Necromancer Career)

    Necklace: Diamond of the Tundra: 1sp; (Piercing)
    Ring: Avatar's Circle: 1ma; (Overload)
    Ring: Duellist's Band: 2ma; (Ensnare)

    Other Abilities: Banshee's Wail, Shades, Sacrifice, Wind Walker, Dark Claw

    Notes: This character was doing a lot of damage very quickly. I had previously played the Pyromancer and whilst having ongoing damage to all enemies as a passive ability was nice I still wasn't able to polish off my opponents as quickly as I could with this Necro build. The combo of Shades with Overload and Piercing was letting me do heavy damage quickly to even the most well-armoured opponents. I had previously had Rake for a while too and this is a great ability to use with Shades, basically giving you a +6 to damage whenever you used it (great, considering you ignore armour). Furthermore, this build allowed me to heal at a decent rate with Leech and Life Spark. Life Spark also proved extremely useful in combination with Dark Claw - roll a double and not only do you inflict an instant 4 damage on your enemy, you get 4 health back yourself. Nice! The passive effects of Bleed and Fire Aura were just icing on the cake really and the Speed ability of Windblast would help me to get the heavy hits in early. Corruption is nice for weakening opponents earlu in the fight. Finally, Banshee's Wail and Sacrifice were my last lines of defence in a tight battle.

    Unlike with my Rogue Shadowstalker, I found the battle with Lorcan to be no real problem with my Necro. I could actually ignore the statues because I knew that I was going to get Lorcan down to 0 Health before his statues could trample me to death and he wasn't able to out-heal my damage.

    All in all, I'm really pleased with this character and I'd recommend a Necromancer for anybody out there who hasn't tried that career yet.

    Edit: I've reviewed my character again and I think I may have made a mistake giving up Grasping Grimm and the Rake ability for the Cortical Bulb with the Brain Drain ability. Rake was such a crucial part of my damage arsenal giving me a 3 dice +6 damage score ignoring armour (when used with Shades) and although the bulb gives me 2 extra Magic, I don't think the potential +5 damage from Brain Drain can beat the damage that Rake dished out. Still - I'll see how he performs in future team battles.


  • Re: Draegon the Necromancer

    Isn't sparkcraft mantle a cloak item?

  • Re: Draegon the Necromancer

    You're totally correct! Not sure how that happened.

    Still - there are chest items that have 'Curse' as an ability like the 'Mantle of Spite' has (or an ability with the same effect) that I could have taken so I would have still kept the Sparkcraft Mantle and taken a different chest item.

    It's so easy to get mixed up with so many things to keep track of!

    Shame - knowing that I've inadvertently 'cheated' with my Necromancer build has somehow taken the shine off the whole experience.

    Edit: I went through the Hero Builder and switched my Mantle of Spite for the Sparkcraft Mantle and took the Deathgrip Robes for my chest (thus losing 'Curse' and gaining 'Corruption'). I don't see this as a cheat so much because I had fought Rotterghast with this character (the mob that drops the robes) and I had decided not to take any of his drops at the time. So this, sort of fixes my character. Still exceptionally powerful though!

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