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Topic: Padok vs. Streak

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  • Re: Padok vs. Streak

    2.1 Rolling for attack speed. Get a 5+3. Total attack speed 13+8=21

  • Re: Padok vs. Streak

    2.1 Rolling. 4 and 4. 15+8= 23

    hate getting doubles and no dark claw or life spark

    5.2 Using piercing. ^&*% roll a 1. Total damage score = 24+1=25 Still enough to smash that mage!!


  • Re: Padok vs. Streak

    Nice play man. Awesome to play my old mage again.

  • Re: Padok vs. Streak

    Congratulation Mean Streak. I was close. Don't you think that

  • Re: Padok vs. Streak

    Yeah I got some lucky rolls for a change. Ha. Nice one. Cya around.

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