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Topic: Padok vs. Streak

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  • Re: Padok vs. Streak

    1.1 I use second wind and haste (+1 die = 2 dice)
    2.1 Rolling for attack speed. 6 and 4. Attack speed 15+10=25

  • Re: Padok vs. Streak

    3.1. Banshee's wail for me now

    8.1. Passive abilities: Thorns +1 damage to Padok.


    next round
    4+4 for atak sp. +13=21

    Turn on Dark claw (pa): For every double that you roll (before or after a re-
    roll), your hero automatically inflicts 4 damage to their opponent, ignoring

    Streak health=52

  • Re: Padok vs. Streak

    Dark claw working out lucky
    1.1 No speed abilities
    2.1 Rolling for attack speed. 5 and 2. Attack speed=22.

  • Re: Padok vs. Streak

    Smash my face

  • Re: Padok vs. Streak

    ROFL! Happy to oblige.

    Using windwalker this round (use attack speed dice for damage)

    24+7 = 31 damage
    Playing any MO ability stuff?

  • Re: Padok vs. Streak

    No now

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