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Topic: Padok vs. Streak

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  • Padok vs. Streak

    Name: Streak (a.k.a Ice, Ice Baby)
    Class: Mage – Ice lock (Ice shards, Ice shield)
    Speed: 15
    Brawn: 0
    Magic: 24
    Armour: 5
    Health: 50 x2 (100)

    Cloak: Veil of dark synergies +2 Speed +3 Magic – Second wind
    Head: Thalamus tiara +2 Speed +5 Magic - Haste
    Gloves: Abatoir gloves +2 Speed +4 Magic - Bleed
    Chest: Death’s grip robes +2 Speed +3 Armour –Corruption
    Boots: Runeforged greaves +2 Speed +2 Magic – None

    Main hand: Aged acronium +2 Speed +5 Magic – Rust
    Left hand: Torment +3 Speed +4 Magic - Disease

    Talisman: Winter’s heart +1 Armour– Ice lock
    Necklace: Diamond of the tundra +1 Armour - Piercing
    Ring: Avatar’s circle +1 Magic - Overload
    Ring: Circle of thorns – Thorns
    Bonus: Bright shield, Banshee wail, Windwalker

    Ability list:
    Speed: haste (+1 die)
    Combat: corruption (-2 m), rust (-2 ar), piercing (ignore armour), overload (2dd), banshee wail (ignore damage), windwalker (use speed dice), ice shards (+magic score)
    Passive: bleed (-1), disease (-2), thorns (-1)
    Modifier: second wind (restore speed ability), bright shield (+4a), ice shield (+1d to armour)


    Name: Padok /Titles: The Betrayer, Arena grand champion/
    Path: mage
    Career: Icelock
    Stats: 13sp., 0br., 3ar., 31mg., 50 health (x2) 100)

    Head: Hood of night /+2sp,+3m/ Ab.- deceive
    Cloak: Veil of dark sunergies/+2sp,+3m/ Ab.- second wind
    Gloves: Crimson cuffs/+1sp,+4m/ Ab.- sear
    Chest: Slipstream gown/+2sp,+4m/Ab.- overload
    Feet: Velvet slippers/+1sp,+3m/Ab.- haste

    Main hand: Tempest's fury/+2sp,+5m/ Ab.- windblast
    Left hand: Cortical bulb/+3sp,+5m/ Ab.- brain drain

    Talisman: Winter's heart/+1ar/ Ab.- Icelock career
    Necklace: Chilblain's tears /+1m,+1ar/ Ab.- piercing
    Ring: Wrath of ages/+2m/ Ab.- rust
    Ring: Spider sapphire /+1m,+1ar/ Ab.- webbed

    Abillity list:
    mo - Ice shield, deceive, sear, second wind, brain drain
    sp - haste, webbed, windblast
    com - Banshee's wail, Ice shards, rust, overload, piercing, windwalker
    pa - Dark claw

    Over to you MM.

  • Re: Padok vs. Streak

    Ou Ya! This will be the frozen fight
    1.1. Padok reveal to use "webbed" - reduce you to 1 die

  • Re: Padok vs. Streak

    1.1 No speed ability this round.
    2.1 Rolling for attack speed. Get a 5. Total attack speed 15+5=20

  • Re: Padok vs. Streak

    2.1 Rolling for attack speed. AAAAAAAhhh!!! Get a 3+3. Total attack speed 13+6=19
    Turn on Dark claw (pa): For every double that you roll (before or after a re-
    roll), your hero automatically inflicts 4 damage to their opponent, ignoring

    Streak health=96

    I use Deceive (mo):(see trickster). You can only use deceive once per combat. You may swap one of your opponent’s speed die for your own.

    The new results are Padok 3+5+13=21, Streak 3+15=18
    3.1. Your turn.

  • Re: Padok vs. Streak

    Thought so.
    3.1 I use banshee wail.
    End of round?
    8.1 Thorns +1 damage to Padok.


  • Re: Padok vs. Streak

    1.1. Padok reveal to use "windblast" - reduce you to 1 die

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