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Topic: Passive Aggressive

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  • Passive Aggressive

    Name: Kwon
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Drake Warrior (formerly Monk)
    Speed: 15
    Brawn: 17
    Magic: 0
    Armour: 12
    Health: 59
    Gold: 85 (spent it all on additional armour)

    Head: Troll's Tusks +2Sp, +3Ar, Charge
    Cloak: Runeplate Pauldrons +2Sp, +2Ar, Last Defence
    Gloves: Spider Grips +1Sp, +3Br, Sure Grips, Charm
    Chest: Crystal Plate +2Sp, +4Br, Overpower
    Feet: Scarlet Sabatons +2Sp, +3Br, Haste

    Main hand: Crystal Hammer +2Sp, +5Br, Stagger
    Left hand: Drake's Defender (Shield) +2Sp, +6Ar, Piercing, Vanish

    Talisman: Drake Spirit +1Sp, Drake Career
    Necklace: Hanuman's Hair +1Sp, +2 Health, Monkey Mob
    Ring: Heat of Ardour +2Br, Sear
    Ring: Abyssal Firestone, +1Ar, +2 Health, Fire Aura

    Additional Special Abilities:
    Searing Mantle, Fiery Temper, Demon Claws, Demon Spines, Prophecy

    Notes: I wanted to play an armour heavy character to see how it went and Drake allows you to do that because of the decent damage through searing mantle. Factor in Monkey Mob and Fire Aura and 6 damage a round, regardless of outcome, is good. I still found it more of a challenge than with a high brawn character, especially as you benefit from finishing battles fast in Act 3 (just managed to do Abussos in 19 rounds). Given relatively low brawn I found the piercing and stagger abilities very useful (tactic was to win a round, play stagger and then play haste in the following round to almost guarantee the victory).

  • Re: Passive Aggressive

    Name: Weather Wizard
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Icelock (formerly Alchemist and Pyromancer)
    Speed: 17
    Brawn: 2
    Magic: 25
    Armour: 5
    Health: 50
    Gold: 435 (spent it all on additional armour)

    Head: Krakka's Crown +2Sp, +5Ma, Command
    Cloak: Slipstream Silk +3Sp, +2Ma, Surge
    Gloves: Devourer's Grips +1Sp, +4Ma, Rust
    Chest: Slipstream Gown +2Sp, +4Ma, Overload
    Feet: Elemental Greaves +2Sp, +2Ar, Fire Aura

    Main hand: Tainted Striker (Sword) +3Sp, +3Ma, Corruption
    Left hand: Grimoire of Entropy (Spell Book) +3Sp, +4Ma, Sear

    Talisman: Winter's Heart +1Ar, Icelock Career
    Necklace: Pendant of Foresight +1Sp, Evade
    Ring: Stria of Genna +1Ma, +2Ar, Shock!
    Ring: Harvester +2Br, +2Ma, Regrowth

    Additional Special Abilities:
    Ice Shards, Ice Shield, Bright Shield, Snakes Alive!, Windwalker

    Notes: This is the mage of ice and fire I teamed up with the character above to win the three team battles. Bizarrely the toughest battle was against the Wickerman where it came down to a final winner takes all dice roll. In the other battles having two heroes rolling against one monster makes a big difference. I was keen to do the team battle to get Krakka's crown, which has the advantages of the crown of command (my previous head gear) but with the plus 2 speed that makes a big difference. Now feel this is a decent character.

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