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Topic: Freya the Warrior Drake

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  • Freya the Warrior Drake

    This is the character I used in my first play through of DQ2 (HoF). I had originally fought my way through to the final Boss encounter of Act 3 but failed miserably to take down Evin Daala due to my Speed being too low. I was also finding it impossible to beat Krakatoa in the Act 3 Team Battle with the help of my Shadowstalker from LoS. I decided to give up.

    Since then, I have played through LoS again and finished with my favourite character build yet, a Necromancer (also posted in this thread). Deciding to take DaBoss' advice (see below), I went back to fight Krakatoa with the help of my Necro - and won (yay!)! So I was able to proceed with the help of some gear changes and I finished HoS.

    So here she is - Freya the Warrior Drake in her final incarnation. Probably the least favourite of my three characters so far but I had fun playing a Warrior and I intend to take a Rogue through my next run of HoS.

    Name: Freya (Prophecy/Demon Claws/Demon Spines/Demons Blood/Elysium Soaked)
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Drake (Searing Mantle/Fiery Temper) - was previously a Brigand
    Stats: sp: 14, br: 19, ma: 0, ar: 5, Health: 55

    Head: Mourn Helm (2sp;2br - Impale)
    Cloak: Shroud of Nightmares(2br;1sp - Confound)
    Gloves: Spider Grips (1sp;2br - Sure Grip)
    Chest: Kraka's Casing(2sp;4ar - Thorn Armour)
    Feet: Slime Skimmers (2sp;2br - Webbed)

    Main hand: Ravenos Bringer of Ruin (5br;2sp - Deep Wound/Sear/Silver Frost)
    Left hand: Calcite Claw (4br;2sp - Piercing)

    Talisman: Drake's Spirit (1sp - Drake Career/Charm/Heal)

    Necklace: Corroded Pendant (1sp - Rust)
    Ring: Ironbeard Band (2br - Counter)
    Ring: Grieving Soul (1ar - Fire Aura)

    Notes: So there we have it - I've played each of the three paths in DQ (Mage and Rogue in LoS and Warrior in HoF) and all of them have made it through to the end with the Necromancer being my firm favourite so far. I am hoping to see a lot more of the Terral Jungle in my next playthrough of HoF.

    Wish me luck

  • Re: Freya the Warrior Drake

    How frustrating that you were so close! You have a very decent hero there. Your only real mistake was hanging onto the Drake's chestguard, which deprives you of 2 speed. If you are keeping an item like that, you really need to ensure that your other slots are maxed out with speed. You are down a point of speed in the shoulder department.

    I would have suggested taking runeplate pauldrons from Erkil for the extra point of speed. The crystal plate from Nephele would, obviously, have saved this hero also.

    I don't think all is lost. Krakatoa is tough but not unbeatable. If you can team up with a powerful high-speed hero and get your strategy right, you could still take Krakatoa down (and that means Blackrock shoulders or Krakka's casing).

    You have a decent necromancer now. Or you could team up with one of the heroes that have been posted on the forum. Rougie's icelock has 17 speed and good damage. You never know! Don't give up. ;)

  • Re: Freya the Warrior Drake


    After finishing LoS last night with my hard-hitting Necro build, I thought exactly the same thing; maybe I can defeat Krakatoa with this character teaming up with Freya instead.

    I think I'll give it a go and see how I get on. I'll post the outcome later in the week.

    Edit: I made it at last - beat Krakatoa with help from my Necromancer and as you suggested, I made it through the Boss quest once I'd equipped Kraka's Casing. And then you go and reward me by leaving me on a cliffhanger!

    I've updated my original post to reflect my success and my character's new stats.

    Roll on Book 3!

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