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Topic: Petar II - Thief

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  • Petar II - Thief

    Name: Petar II /Title: The Blood of Barahar/
    Path: rogue
    Career: thief
    Stats: 15 sp., 24 br., 6 ar., 0 mg., 47 health

    Head: Black talon hood /+2sp,+3rb/ Ab.- vanish
    Cloak: Cape of the unseen /+2sp,+3br/ Ab.- coup de grace //+ Rune of murder: Ab.- savagery
    Gloves: Spider grips /+1sp,+2br/ Ab.- sure grip //+ Rune of fortune: Ab.- charm + Rune of fortune: Ab.- charm + Rune of winter: Ab.- silver frost
    Chest: Snake-skin coat /+2sp,+2br/Ab.- deceive
    Feet: Slime skimmers /+2sp,+2br/Ab.- webbed

    Main hand: Dark divide (sword) /+2sp,+5br/ Ab.- ice edge, piercing
    Left hand: Blood thorn (dagger) /+2sp,+5br/ Ab.- gourge

    Talisman: Angel's despair /+1sp, +1ar/ Ab.- dirge //+ Glyph of the titans: /+1ar/ + Glyph of the titans: /+1ar/

    Necklace: Collar of correction /+1sp,+1br/ Ab.- sweet spot // + Glyph of the titans: /+1ar/ + Glyph of the titans: /+1ar/
    Ring: Aethereal /+1ar, +2health/ Ab.- windblast
    Ring: Fisher's friend /+1br/ Ab.- hooked

    Abillity list:
    mo - deceive, savagery, silver frost, sure grip, hooked, charm, charm
    sp - webbed, windblast
    com - prophecy, Backstab, dirge, vanish, demon spines, piercing
    pa - demon blood, cutpurse, demon claws, coup de grace, sweet spot, gourge, ice edge

  • Re: Petar II - Thief

    Yesterday I faced with Nordrassil. The fight was epic. But my heroes beat this corrupted foes. Petar II take Dark divide (sword). In the end of the fight he had only 8 points, but finished Nordrassil with "coup de grace".

    With the new sword Petar II will beat more heroes in hero vs hero combat

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