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Topic: My three heroes - Legion of Shadow

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  • My three heroes - Legion of Shadow

    Name: Zerponio
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Cavalier (Shield Spin, Shield Wall)
    Stats: 16sp 16br 0ma 13ar 55he

    Head: Black Widow (2sp 2br) Webbed
    Cloak: Iron-Mane (2sp 3ar) Second Skin
    Gloves: Branded Bracers (2br 2ar) Regrowth
    Chest: Bloodied Chestguard (2sp 4ar) Bleed
    Feet: Barbarous Boots (2sp 3br) Savagery

    Main hand: Blood Crescent (3sp 5br) Cleave
    Left hand: Dark Tower (2sp 4ar) Impale

    Talisman: Blinding Dust (1sp) Deceive

    Necklace: Glacial Shards (1sp 1b) Piercing
    Ring: Tooth 'n Claw (1sp 1br) Sideswipe
    Ring: Ring of Rebirth (2 br) Kickstart

    Money Pouch: 610
    Backpack: Fluffy Dice

    Special Abilities: Banshee's Wail, Windwalker, Dark Claw

    Well, I am not completely satisfied with the outcome of this character. My great Armour helped me a lot in the first two Acts, expecially against King Louis (I still have to find a Mage/Rogue able to bring down that overgrown chimp without an outrageous amount of luck), but in the third Act there are so many enemies dealing damages at the end of every turn, that I should have increased Brawn, instead. I also spent time to find an item with Second Skin but, ironically, the enemy I had to kill for it was the last with Piercing I met (bye Gorgis).
    I only won the fight with Lorcan thanks to Kick Start and that means that my character was not very well balanced.

  • Re: My three heroes - Legion of Shadow

    Name: Jack Manolesta (Jack Swifthand for you English speaking friends)
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Shadowstalker (Shadow Fury, Shadow Speed)
    Stats: 16sp 25br 0ma 0ar 45he

    Head: Total Eclips (2sp 3br) Vanish
    Cloak: Gloom Shade (2sp 3br) Steal
    Gloves: Bone Bracers (1sp 2br) Bleed
    Chest: Shadow Bindings (2sp 3br) Evade
    Feet: Twisted Treads (2sp 2br) Trickster

    Main hand: Trickster's Maul (3sp 4br) Trickster
    Left hand: Final Solution (2sp 5br) Acid

    Talisman: Craven's Head (1sp 1br) Sidestep

    Necklace: Pendant of Foresight (1sp) Evade
    Ring: Leader of the Pack (1br) Dominate
    Ring: Finger of Fire (1br) Sear

    Money Pouch: 760

    Special Abilities: Banshee's Wail, Windwalker, Bright Shield

    This was my first character (after a Warrior prematurely aborted at the very Beginning of Act2). What can I say? Shadowstalkers rule! Shadow Speed is awesome because it both increases the average result of a die and prevents negative effects activated by rolling "1" (did anyone say "Flay"?).
    Seriously, I never met a real challenge, since I started Act3.

  • Re: My three heroes - Legion of Shadow

    Name: Adrian
    Path: Mage
    Career: Alchemist (Good Taste, Mydas' Touch)
    Stats: 17sp 0br 30ma 0ar 50he

    Head: Thalamus Tiara (2sp 5ma) Haste
    Cloak: Slipstream Silk (3sp 2ma) Surge
    Gloves: Abattoir's Gloves (1sp 4ma) Bleed
    Chest: Slipstream Gown (2sp 4ma) Overload
    Feet: Rune Forged Greaves (2sp 2 ma)

    Main hand: Tempest's Fury (2sp 5ma) Windblast
    Left hand: Archstrike (3sp 3ma) Dominate

    Talisman: Blinding Dust (1sp) Deceive

    Necklace: Pendant of Foresight (1sp) Evade
    Ring: Band of Elements (2ma) Lightning
    Ring: Conduit of Shadows (3ma) Overload

    Money Pouch: 1.100
    Backpack: Field Kit, Arthurian's Horn, Fluffy Dice

    Special Abilities: Bright Shield, Snakes Alive, Windwalker

    I was literally swimming in gold, thanks to Mydas Touch. I picked this career at the very beginning of Act2 and never had a reason to regret it, even though I seldom use Good Taste. It is a pity that Act3 contains only a piece of feet equipment for Mages, as I still had those Rune Forged Greaves bought back at Pisa's Rest.

  • Re: My three heroes - Legion of Shadow

    Thanks for sharing Rygar. Heart of Fire next?

    There are mage boots available from Waldo and also a set in the Waking the Dead quest. Not sure what version of the book you have, but they are available on the Downloads page if they aren't in your edition.

    Anyway, happy adventuring!

  • Re: My three heroes - Legion of Shadow

    I am already playing HoF, with three different character in three different Acts. The writing style is excellent as usual, but the gameplay has greatly improved. The chance to "store" a few item enables to develop a different strategy for every fight. And, beside, the chance to side either with the Faith or the Wiccans give a lot of re-playing value.

    As for the boots, I saw them at Waldo's, but they gave bonuses to Speed and Armour and it looked to me pretty futile to have a single point in Armour, when the other greaves gave me +2 in Magic. I probably skipped the other pair somewhere in the tomb.
    By the way, "Waking the Dead" is by far the best and most satisfying quest in Act3 (with the only possible exception of the eponymous "Legion of Shadow"): not only it is fairly long, but gives so many background details about this or that character.

  • Re: My three heroes - Legion of Shadow

    My advice is don't always rely on stats, look at the ability too. Deflect is a really good ability. Less so with 17 speed I agree.

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