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Topic: Starling ranger

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  • Starling ranger

    Name: Starling
    Class: Warrior, Ranger
    Speed:   14    Brawn: 25   Magic:    0   Armour: 4    Health: 55

    Head: Dread Mask - Sp 2 Br 3 Overpower
    Cloak: Pauldrons of Might - Sp 2 Br 3 Fortitude
    Gloves: Bracelet of Fury - Sp 1 Br 4 Adrenaline
    Main hand: Retribution - Sp 3 Br 6 Feral fury
    Left hand: Lens of Blasting - Sp 2 Ar 3 Lightning
    Chest: Raiders Tunic - Sp 2 Br 4 Retaliation
    Boots: Rumble Thumpers - Sp 1 Br 3 Knockdown
    Talisman: Blinding Dust - Sp 1 Deceive
    Necklace: Eye of Shadow - Sp 1 Haste
    Ring: Hunger - Br 2 Leech
    Ring: Cutters Cornelian - Ar 1 Piercing

  • Re: Starling ranger

    How can you have been a rogue and a ranger, rangers are a warrior career.

  • Re: Starling ranger

    Yes I was a warrior. I had rogue on my paper still because I changed my mind. Copied without thinking. All my gear is for warrior.

  • Re: Starling ranger

    Name: Hawk
    Class: Rogue, Blood Archer
    Speed: 15 Brawn: 21 Magic: 1 Armour: 0 Health: 45
    Head: Crimson cover - Sp 2 Br 2 Bleed
    Cloak: Cape of the unseen - Sp 2 Br 3 Coup de grace
    Gloves: Spider grips - Sp 1 Br 2 Sure grip
    Main hand: Spoke of wheel - Sp 2 Br 4 Deep wound (+ Savagery)
    Left hand: Agilax string of tears- Sp 2 Ar 3 Blood archer
    Chest: Brace of fury - Sp 2 Br 3 Critical strike
    Boots: Slime skimmers - Sp 2 Br 2 Webbed
    Talisman: Spook chi – Sp1 Trickster
    Necklace: Dream catcher - Sp 1 Immobilise (+ Iron will + Charm + Frostbite)
    Ring: Shard of sky - Br 1 Blind (+ Fear + Vanish)
    Ring: Tangle knot - B r1 Ma 1 Barbs

    My new HOF hero! I was originally the thief and then the blood archer. I think this career is under rated because I see no one else using. Career abilities much more useful in my opinion. Blood hail with bleed does 2 dice damage +4 to all opponents. Blood theif gives a heal on every 6 With critical strike and deep wound thats 12 health! I almost never die and I have enough speed powers to win most rounds or avoid damage.

    My only regret is I wish I had gouge for extra bleed damage.

  • Re: Starling ranger


    I don't think this career is under-rated. I think it is probably the strongest career in HoF. See my post here:

    The reason you don't see many others using it is because you have to choose a particular battle in Act 1 and then choose a particular path in Act 3 to access it. It is the career you come across last in the book and you would only get to use it for about 6 battles so some people may just not bother changing.

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