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Topic: Pariah Hero

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  • Pariah Hero

    Finally finished the Book, phew!, found it tough going but fun. Seem to have a lower Brawn than most finishing heroes but found this character to be really good none the less.

    Name: Darius The Dark Angel
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Pariah

    S: 13 B: 15 M: 1 A: 3

    Main Hand: Abandoned Hope +3S +4B (gutripper)
    Left Hand: Feral Falcate +1S +2B (silver frost) (Pagan's Spirit Set)

    Head: Wastrel's Guise +2S +2B (Blind)
    Cloak: Conch Shoulders +1S +1A (Timeshift)
    Gloves: Spider Grips +2B (Sure Grip)
    Chest: Brace of Fury +2S +3B (Critical Strike)
    Feet: Storm Riders +1S +1A (Heal) (Pagan's Spirit Set)
    Talisman: Lightning Whetstone +1S (Sure Edge)
    Necklace: Corroded Pendant +1S (Rust)
    Ring: Grieving Soul +1A (Fire Aura)
    Ring: Signet of Sorrow +1B +1M (Surppress)

    Abilities -
    Double Punch
    Demon Claws
    Demon Spines

  • Re: Pariah Hero

    I'm surprised you managed to get through with the Pariah career, I swapped it for Venomancer the first chance I got. I found that there weren't a lot of weapons with the rogue requirement in the book. Sure Grip did most of the work for me, its easily the most powerful skill in the book.

  • Re: Pariah Hero

    Sorry, been busy didn't notice reply. I used Vindicator combined with Timeshift to defeat most enemies and yes Sure Grips was very useful.

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