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Topic: It's merely a flesh wound...

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  • It's merely a flesh wound...

    Finished a little while ago, but just got around to posting up my hero.
    I almost never play a mage, so I thought I'd try one out this time. I liked the Acolyte Career quite a bit and just focussed a lot on getting healing abilities and a high speed score and in the 3rd act my magic score seemed to really blow out too. The healing and bless were quite good in the team battles. The final product here has fewer healing skills than I was packing normally, due to some late gear changes.

    I was super tempted by the Scholar career (or whatever that one was called), but actually I found this build quite powerful, and seemed to breeze through most of the 3rd act (the second was a bit harder for me though)

    Name: Tomas the Dark Angel
    Path: Mage
    Career: Acolyte
    Stats: Speed - 15, Magic - 32, Brawn - 3, Armour - 0   

    Head: Kraka's Crown, +2 SPD, +5 MAG, Command
    Cloak: Drakeskin Epaulets, +2 SPD, +4 MAG, Backdraft (+ Charm rune)
    Gloves: Gloves of the Firmament, +1 SPD, +4 MAG, Resolve
    Chest: Gluttons Robes, +2 SPD, +4 MAG, Leech
    Feet: Lava Pads, +2 SPD, +2 MAG, Fire Shield (+ Charm rune)

    Main Hand: Acheron's Tower , +2 SPD, +4 MAG, Might of Stone
    Left Hand: Scriva, Nimbus of Nightmares, +3 SPD, +4 MAG, Curse, Sear

    Talisman: Bendiction, +1 MAG, Acolyte career: Last Rites, Bless (+1 MAG rune, +Heal rune, +vanish rune)
    Necklace: Obsidian Shard, +1 SPD, Piercing
    Ring: Signet of Sorrow, +1 BRN, +1 MAG, Suppress
    Ring: Harvester, +2 BRN, +2 MAG, Regrowth

    Spectral Syllabub,
    Elixir of Life
    Rubrica's Cube

    Anyone find a use for Rubrica's cube?

  • Re: It's merely a flesh wound...

    I left the cube in my stash. Not found a use for it either, so far , and almost at the end!

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