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Topic: First??

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  • First??

    Am I the first to finish DQ2? Loved every minute but I know I missed a heap of stuff and didn't try the team battles in this run. Saving that for the next one.

    Here is my hero. Sorry another monk!

    Name: Ezekiel the Blood of Barahar
    Path: warrior
    Career: monk
    Stats: 15 speed 21 brawn 3 armour

    Head: mourn helm +2 brawn +2 speed, impale
    Cloak: sentry shoulders +2 speed +2 armour, heavy blow + silver frost
    Gloves: gore soaked fists +1 speed +4 brawn, slam
    Chest: crystal plate +2 speed +4 brawn, overpower
    Feet: slime skimmers +2 speed +2 brawn, webbed

    Main hand: fist of fury +2 speed +3 brawn, knockdown
    Left hand: calcite claw +2 speed +4 brawn, piercing

    Talisman: lightning whetstone +1 speed +1 brawn, sure edge + iron will
    Necklace: dreamcatcher +1 speed, immobilise
    Ring: kiss of a princess +1 brawn +2 health, charm
    Ring: briar star +1 armour, thorns + heal + charm

  • Re: First??

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. And first on the "high score" table. Well done!

  • Re: First??

    Ah cool. Are those the best end game fist weapons? Also how did you get the brawn for the talisman. Is it a rune and do you remember where you found it?

  • Re: First??

    No clue about the fist weapons, they were the only ones I found. The brawn was from a glyph from somewhere but don't ask me where. Think a puzzle reward?

    Monk played really well. Stick with it! (But meditation is a waste of time)

  • Re: First??

    Meditation wasn't so bad with the boost from the armour set. Once I gave those up I can see how it doesn't help much in act 3. I hardly ever use it unless I'm bored and I've have used up everything else I have.

    I was hoping to find another career to try but I didn't have all the animal souls for the spirit hunter quest. Didn't manage to do the team battle either, I think Drake could have been interesting to play.

    Means one warrior career left for act 3?

  • Re: First??

    So what are all the warrior careers anyway?

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