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Topic: Mean Streak

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  • Mean Streak

    This is me at the start of part 2. Ruby slippers. Oh Man, cramping my style. Stop sniggering at the back there.

    Name: Streak
    Class: Mage
    Speed: 5
    Brawn: 0
    Magic: 4
    Armour: 4
    Health: 40

    Cloak: Travellers cloak +1 Magic - Charm
    Head: Rusted helm +1 Armour
    Gloves: Masons gloves +1 Speed – First Cut
    Main hand: Silver silence +1 Speed +1 Magic – Immobilise
    Chest: Spindlesilk mantle +1 Magic +1 Armour – Spindle Set
    Left hand: Rage claw +2 Speed - Piercing
    Talisman: Stone ward – Might of stone
    Boots: Ruby slippers +1 Speed +1 Armour – Click your heels
    Necklace: Trophy of bones +1 Magic +1 Armour - Charm
    Ring: Weather ring - Lightning
    Ring: Circle of thorns - Thorns

  • Re: Mean Streak

    About to start the last act, wish me luck! Got a pack full of magic mushrooms to see me through

    Name: Streak
    Class: Mage – Pyromancer (Ignite, Burn)
    Speed: 10
    Brawn: 0
    Magic: 17
    Armour: 6
    Health: 45

    Cloak: Sparkcraft mantle +2 Speed +2 Magic – Life spark
    Head: Mask of deceit +1 Speed +2 Armour - Deceive
    Gloves: Battlemage fists +3 Magic +3 Armour - Dominate
    Main hand: Swordbreaker +2 Speed +3 Magic – Retaliation
    Chest: Cinders gown +1 Speed +3 Magic –Sear
    Left hand: Tome of intellect +2 Speed +2 Magic - Focus
    Talisman: Core of flame +1 Magic – Pyromancer
    Boots: Runeforged greaves +2 Speed +2 Magic – None
    Necklace: Diamond of the tundra +1 Armour - Piercing
    Ring: Avatar’s circle +1 Magic - Overload
    Ring: Circle of thorns - Thorns

  • Re: Mean Streak

    With 10 speed I reckon you might struggle a bit in the first couple of quests. Wish you luck though. Pyro is pretty imba when it comes to damage.

  • Re: Mean Streak

    Blew up a big floating deathstar. I like a lot. Love this hero, wished I had the time to roll up a new one before the next book but don't think i'll get a chance. Fancied a rogue. bah.

    Name: Streak (a.k.a Ice, Ice Baby)
    Class: Mage – Ice lock (Ice shards, Ice shield)
    Speed: 15
    Brawn: 0
    Magic: 24
    Armour: 5
    Health: 50
    Cloak: Veil of dark synergies +2 Speed +3 Magic – Second wind
    Head: Thalamus tiara +2 Speed +5 Magic - Haste
    Gloves: Abatoir gloves +2 Speed +4 Magic - Bleed
    Main hand: Aged acronium +2 Speed +5 Magic – Rust
    Chest: Death’s grip robes +2 Speed +3 Armour –Corruption
    Left hand: Torment +3 Speed +4 Magic - Disease
    Talisman: Winter’s heart +1 Armour– Ice lock
    Boots: Runeforged greaves +2 Speed +2 Magic – None
    Necklace: Diamond of the tundra +1 Armour - Piercing
    Ring: Avatar’s circle +1 Magic - Overload
    Ring: Circle of thorns – Thorns
    Bonus: Bright shield, Banshee wail, Windwalker

  • Re: Mean Streak

    Doing it from behind. Hexed. With a snake.

    Name: Jaize ( blood of barahar)
    Class: Rogue Venomancer (snake strike, toxicology)
    Speed: 15
    Brawn: 27
    Magic: 1
    Armour: 3
    Health: 45
    Cloak: Mesh of sinew +2 Speed +4 Brawn – Dark pact
    Head: Prowlers cowl +2 Speed +4 Brawn – Vanish, Prowler set
    Gloves: Prowlers handguards +1 Speed +4 Brawn – Sneak, Prowler set
    Main hand: Spoke of the wheel +2 Speed +4 Brawn – Deep wound
    Chest: Prowlers tunic +2 Speed +4 Brawn –Critical strike, Prowler set
    Left hand: Emerald taipan +2 Speed +3 Brawn - Venom
    Talisman: Lightning whetstone +1 Speed – Sure edge
    Boots: Slime skimmers +2 Speed +2 Brawn – Webbed
    Necklace: Collar of correction +1 Speed +1 Brawn – Sweet spot
    Ring: Briar star +1 Armour - Thorns, CharmX2, Savagery
    Ring: Tangleknot +1 Brawn +2 Armour +1 Magic – Barbs, Heal
    Bonus: Demon claws, Demon spines, Prophecy, Prowler, Hexed

    Actually hexed sucks. I wouldn’t keep it unless you want the bonus armour sets in act 3. They seem to give better stats but the set ability isn’t worth all the hassle imho.

    Oh yeah -I was hoping paladin would be a playable career. Next book?

  • Re: Mean Streak

    Close to my own but I got hanumans hair, shiver spine in offhand, ravenous sword in main.

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