finally get time off to play

Name: Sillidan
Path: rogue
Career: assassin (first strike, deadly poisons)
Stats: 16 speed 25 brawn 0 armour
Head: Budak’s blindfold (2sp 3br second sight)
Cloak: Kaggador’s cloak (2sp 2br savagery)
Gloves: Primal gauntlet (1sp 4br merciless)
Chest: Funeral wraps (2sp 3br bleed)
Feet: Marsh stalkers (2sp 3 br sideswipe)

Main hand: Shadow woven kris (3sp 5 br deep wound)
Left hand: Fang of vengos (2sp 4br venom)

Talisman: Grimm ichor (1sp poison mastery +2 to venom)
Necklace: Ghouls teeth (1sp piercing)
Ring: Finger of fire (1br sear)
Ring: Circle of thorns (thorns)
Name: Krimson
Path: Warrior
Career: Berserker (raining blows, seeing red)
Stats: 15 speed 24 brawn 4 armour
Head: Dread mask (2sp 3br overpower)
Cloak: Nemesis shroud (2sp 3br dark pact)
Gloves: Bracelet of fury (1sp 4br adrenaline)
Chest: Pacemaker (1sp 4ar kick start)
Feet: Heralds spurs (2sp 1br charge)

Main hand: Retribution (3sp 6br feral fury)
Left hand: Dragonslayer (2sp 4br deep wound)

Talisman: Tigers fury (1sp berserker)
Necklace: Glacial shards (1sp 1br piercing)
Ring: Leader of the pack (1br dominate)
Ring: Lupine lapis (1br bleed)
Name: Kastor
Path: Mage
Career: Icelock (ice shards, ice shield)
Stats: 15 speed 23 magic 6 armour
Head: Crown of ice (2sp 3ma barbs)
Cloak: Slipsteam silk (3sp 2ma surge)
Gloves: Abattoirs gloves(1sp 4ma bleed)
Chest: Slipstream gown (2sp 4ma overload)
Feet: Elementals greaves (2sp 2a fire aura)

Main hand: Frost burn (2sp 4ma piercing)
Left hand: Torment (2sp 4ma disease)

Talisman: Winters heart(1a icelock)
Necklace: Eye of shadow (1sp haste)
Ring: Spider sapphire (1m 1a) webbed
Ring: Stria of genna (1ma 2a shock!)