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Topic: Rogue path

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  • Rogue path

    Here is my first hero, a rogue.
    I was torn on career and started act 3 with a dagger-assassin build but changed to swordmaster for the nice swift blades ability. First strike didn't do much damage and don't miss venom all that much.

    Here he is

    Name: Blades
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Swordmaster
    Stats 16 speed 23 brawn 1 armour 45 health

    Head: Black widow (2S 2BR) webbed
    Cloak: Nemesis shroud (2S 3BR) dark pact
    Gloves: Nightwalker gloves (2S 2BR) set: gutripper
    Chest: Nightwalker tunic (1S 2BR)
    Feet: Marsh stalkers (2S 3BR) sideswipe

    Main hand: Talanost’s edge (3S 5BR) sear
    Left hand: Black death (2S 4BR) critical strike

    Talisman: Demon heart (1S) trickster

    Necklace: Ghoul’s teeth (1S) piercing
    Ring: Lupine lapis (1BR) bleed
    Ring: Serpentine spiral (1Br 1AR) immobilise

    Wished I'd tried for some of those loot cards now. Ah well. Hope they come available again. All feedback welcome

  • Re: Rogue path

    Looks v good. i wouldn't have so many speed abilities my self with a high 16 speed. More combat abilities would help do more damage and take adavntage of gutripper and crit strike.

    Also in this build I'd would have tried for deep wound for the extra damage dice. Budak drops serenity and that has deep wound I believe.

  • Re: Rogue path

    Point taken but my damage has not been a problem even against legendarys. I like to guarantee wins as much as possible.

    Budak drops serenity and that has deep wound I believe


  • Re: Rogue path

    He's a shadow stalker you fight after the ghoul in the red quest. If you chose a different path then you probably missed that section. He has some good rogue gear.

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