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Topic: Jack the Betrayer

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  • Jack the Betrayer

    After finishing Act 3 :

    Name: Jack
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Assassin (Pickpocket was my first Career)
    Title: Betrayer - Dark Claw
    Stats: Speed 15, Brawn 24, Magic 3, Armor 0
    Health: 45
    Money: 1003
    Backpack: Elixir of Life (full HP), Elixir of Swiftness (Speed+4), Pot of Mending (HP+12), Gourd of Healing (HP+6), Fluffy Dice (my precious...!!!!)

    Head: Crown of Command w/Ruby (B+3, M+3, COMMAND)
    Cloak: Nemesis Shroud (S+2, B+3, DARK PACT)
    Gloves: Bone Bracers (S+1, B+2, BLEED)
    Chest: Shadow Bindings (S+2, B+3, EVADE)
    Feet: Marsh Stalker (S+2, B+3, SIDESWIPE)

    Main hand: Mortician's Scalpel (dagger, S+3, B+4, DISEASE)
    Left hand: Dragonslayer (S+2, B+4, DEEP WOUND)

    Talisman: Demon's Heart (S+1, TRICKSTER)

    Necklace: Eye of Shadow (S+1, HASTE)
    Ring: Dryad's Band (B+1, THORN ARMOR)
    Ring: Wichwood Thorn (B+1, THORN)

    Combat Strategy: Hits quick and hard !

    First Attack (Assassin's FIRST STRIKE) to activate BLEED.
    Use HASTE to (hopefully) win the first round, then use DEEP WOUND + DARK PACT, thus activate DISEASE. DISEASE+BLEED+THORN will deal 4 automatic damage at the end of each Round.
    After that, if I lose an Attack Speed Roll, I use TRICKSTER or (if can't then) use COMMAND. After that I let the Attack hits me and use THORN ARMOR then SIDESWIPE. For the last trick, I still have EVADE.

    With Brawn=24, usually I win a combat without the enemy hits me at all or only hits me once or twice (it's dangerous to take hits since my Armor=0!).
    The hardest enemy to face usually the ones that immune to BLEED + DISEASE.

  • Re: Jack the Betrayer

    First strike will activate al your passives not just bleed but disease as well.

    Would be worth having venom for your assassins deadly poisons skill

  • Re: Jack the Betrayer

    Yes, I would love that.
    But the best Main Hand weapon I have before Mortician's Scalpel is ForgetTheName(dagger, S+2, B+4, VENOM) , and at that time I choose Speed (S+3 and DISEASE) than (S+2 and VENOM), and not found any VENOM after that.

    Anyway, I have write a DQ review here:



  • Re: Jack the Betrayer

    Cheers for the review! Glad you enjoyed the book! (Nice build btw)

  • Re: Jack the Betrayer

    Hi Boss.

    Now let's make a serious deal.
    If I promise to keep the precious Fluffy Dice in my Back Pack, will you send me complete Loot cards + signed Book 2 as soon as it is complete ?

  • Re: Jack the Betrayer

    It's a proven fact. Fluffy dice in your pack improve die rolls. Honest word... ;)

    Who needs more reward than that, eh?

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