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Topic: Tanking hero

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  • Tanking hero

    Name: Polythemus
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Cavalier - shield spin, shield wall
    Title: Betrayer – dark claw
    Stats: 15 speed - 14 Brawn - 14 Armour

    Head: Black widow – 2sp, 2br - webbed
    Cloak: Valiant spaulders – 2sp, 2br - overpower
    Gloves: Gauntlets of the fallen – 3br, 2ar – fallen hero
    Chest: Plate of the fallen – 2sp, 4ar – fallen hero
    Feet: Vagabond boots – 2sp, 2ar - steadfast

    Main hand: Blood crescent - 3sp, 5br - cleave
    Left hand: Talanost's wall - 2sp, 5ar - deflect

    Talisman: Blinding dust- 1sp - deceive
    Necklace: Horn of courage -1sp, 1br - courage
    Ring: Cutters cornelian - 1ar - piercing
    Ring: Witchwood thorn – 1br - thorns

    I posted a while back that I wanted to make a tank warrior. This is my first proper try at it and I'm pleased with the result but there are things I'd still like to improve on. With cleave I would like to get hold of bleed or venom to do more damage to multiple foes. Thorns is ok. I would also like to drop steadfast. I only took those boots for the armour.

    My brawn was a big issue in most of the battles. I could only chip away at enemy health and some fights took a mindnumbing length of time but then I hardly took much damage. I suppose this mimics being a tank well as tanks should take damage but do the minumum of dps. I'm looking forward to seeing how this works in the coperative play talked about for book two. I think having a tank might be good to soak up hits!!

  • Re: Tanking hero

    I don't see the point of a tanking class for single play or co op play. I would reckon two high dps characters would be much better for taking down bosses together unless warriors get some extra "tanking" skills and abilities. I don't get yet how the co op will work so just an opinion.

  • Re: Tanking hero

    Part of me is inclined to agree but then two dps with low or no armour are going to be pretty squishy if up against a boss that puts out a ton of damage. The question is whether fast damage and a quick kill is manageable or whether the fights are going to be longer endurance type combats.

  • Re: Tanking hero

    High dps and passives has to beat any other build combo no question

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