Not so fast warrior

Name: Darktanian
Path: Warrior
Career: Berseker
Health: 55
Speed: 13
Brawn: 15
Armour: 13

Main hand weapon: Blood crescent (3 sp, 5 br, cleave)
Left hand weapon: Lens of blasting (2 sp, 3 ar, lightning)

Head: Flame bathed cowl (2br , 1 ar, sear)
Cloak: Iron mane (2 sp, 3 ar, second skin)
Chest: Plate of the fallen (2 sp 4 ar, finery of the fallen)
Gloves: Gauntlets of the fallen (3 br, 2 ar, finery if the fallen)
Boots: Rumblethumpers (1 sp, 3 br, knockdown)
Talisman: Tiger’s fury (1 sp, berseker)

Necklace: Glacial shards (1 sp, 1 br, piercing)
Ring: Khana’s revenge (2 br, bleed)
Ring: Tooth and claw (1 sp, 1 br, sideswipe)

Speed abilities: knockdown
Combat abilities: cleave, sideswipe, piercing
Passive ablitites: lightning, sear , bleed, seeing red,
Modifier abilities: second skin , fallen hero, raining strikes

Cannnot wait to play again. One thing that bugged me was the career abilities are not in the glosarry in the book but they are on the online one. I suppose this was done to save space but means I had to print the online one. Small grumble!