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Topic: Rithe

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  • Rithe

    End of Act 2 is in the middle, and Act 3 at the bottom.

    So, I thought I'd post my character as I finished things. It's fun to see the end result, but might be fun to see interim characters too. So, I finally finished Act 1, so here you go:

    Name: Rithe
    Path: Warrior
    Career: none yet
    Speed: 4
    Brawn: 8
    Magic: 1
    Armour: 7

    Head: Mauler's Maw (1a, 1b, fearless)
    Cloak: Bat Cape (1a, 1s)
    Gloves: Half-digested Gauntlets (1b, 1a, acid)
    Chest: Studded Leather (2a)
    Feet: Goblin Kickers (1s, 1b)

    Main hand: Skullbreaker (3b, pound)
    Left hand: Stone Shield (2a, 1s, slam)

    Talisman: Demon's Heart (1s, trickster)

    Necklace: Beads of Brilliance (1b, 1m)
    Ring: Traveler's Band (1b, charm)
    Ring: Weather Ring (lightning)

    Backpack: Forest Dew (restore full health, 2 uses), Troll's Blood (+2 hp @start of every round, 2 uses), Gourd of Healing (+6 hp, 1 use), Gourd of Speed (+4 s, 1 use)

    Gold: 280

    Misc: fine silver key

    Notes: So, lots of gold. I only bought one helmet, that was it. Sold some crafted items for money, and thought I'd be silly and bet 100 gold and see what happened. Well, I happened to win...

    I'm hoping for some more speed soon. 4 is doable with high armour, but it's not going to last. I've had a 3br weapon since the ratlings quest, and haven't regretted it. Nice to have that much damage.

    With the legionaries and the last few quests, I had some great rolling on my hero's part, and bad rolls for the enemies. Course, early on I had more the opposite problem, usually. Enjoyed the end of Act 1 immensely due to this. Not quite rolling through things, but not having too much trouble.

    I'm hoping to make this one an Inquisitor, any tips for that career with items? 2 weapons, weapon/shield?

    * * *

    Act 2
    Name: Rithe
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Ranger
    Speed: 11
    Brawn: 12
    Magic: 0
    Armour: 13

    Head: Nightguard cover (2b, 2a)
    Cloak: Majestic Shoulders (2s, 2a, Royal regalia)
    Gloves: Barbed bracers (2b, 2a, barbs)
    Chest: Dragonscale mail (2s, 3a, second skin)
    Feet: Majestic greaves (2s, 2b, Royal regalia)

    Main hand: Velociferu (3s, 3b, riptose)
    Left hand: Hydra's wing (2a, 2s, deflect)

    Talisman: Braids of the bull (1b, charge)

    Necklace: Diamond of the Tundra (1a)
    Ring: Ring of the Marshes (1b, 1a, swamp legs)
    Ring: Lupine Lapis (1br, bleed)

    Backpack: 1 +10 hp potion, 1 +4b potion, 3 +6 hp potions, Book of Herbs, Dwarven Lore (I think the last 2 aren't named that exactly. In all cases, I just shortened them)

    Gold: 1160

    Misc: rune key, gold ring and a whole bunch of herbs getting tossed, I think.

    Notes: And I thought 200 gold was a lot... I only bought the two books, I think. Is there any use for them now? My speed had been higher, but I was hardly doing any damage then. Plus, some of my skills are related to not winning a round, and were pretty much worthless.

    Stats are a lot higher. I didn't expect that much change, I guess. Otherwise, on to Act 3, finally!

    * * *

    Finally finished!

    Act 3
    Name: Rithe - The Champion of Light (Bright shield)
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Inquisitor (Avenging spirit, Cleansing light)
    Speed: 15
    Brawn: 19
    Magic: 5
    Armour: 14

    Head: Crown of valour (5b, 5m, Command, Radiance)
    Cloak: Iron mane (2s, 3a, Second skin)
    Gloves: Bracelet of fury (1s, 4b, Adrenaline)
    Chest: Redguard's tabard (2s, 4a, Iron will)
    Feet: Boots of black fortune (2s, 2a, Feint)

    Main hand: Retribution (sword) (3s, 6b, Feral fury)
    Left hand: Talanost's wall (2s, 5a, Deflect)

    Talisman: Blinding dust (1s, Decieve)

    Necklace: Glacial shards (1s, 1b, Piercing)
    Ring: Tooth n' claw (1s, 1b, Sideswipe)
    Ring: Khana's Revenge (2br, bleed)

    Backpack: (lost)

    *Updated for The betrayed. You can see I have the Crown of valour now. Did find a couple of upgrades in the quest also.*

    The only change that I'll make is that I think I'll give him the Crown of valour. I'll loose some armour, but that will be alright.

    I think I reran Against All Odds a few times to make sure I got everyone alive. Although, I had a good run because I had 2 or 3 alive the first time. It's been a while, so I forget right now.

    The 15 speed really helped. Toss in Cleansing light and I didn't get too far below full health for a while there. And to think, I wanted to try and get the ring Hunger from defeating the Icelock with Arthurian. Speaking of which, I managed to save the horn for later.

    And somehow I missed where to use the rune key. Drat.

    Now, what to go for next. I'm thinking maybe an Assassin.

  • Re: Rithe

    Inquisitor works with everything. You might want to favour armour over brawn to get the full damage of the avenging spirit skill. My tip is to keep an eye on your speed and try and keep it high. Winning combat rounds is always your best form of attack. Weapon/shield is good for inquisitor. Play around and see what works.

    I would suggest you try for the berserker in ACT 2 and see how that works out. You might not want to go back once you get that bad boy!

  • Re: Rithe

    Act 2 equip update in the original post!

    I did look at the Berserker, but decided against it. I do agree that it looks neat. I just don't like having my health that low

  • Re: Rithe

    Act 3 added to the post. Yay for finally finishing!

  • Re: Rithe

    Grats on finishing! I would choose a mage next if your playing again. Mage was my prefered class over rogue. The abilities were more interesting but you still do a load of damage and have morehealing. When I played my rogue it felt too easy and less challenging.

  • Re: Rithe

    I'd have dropped most of that armour for brawn. With a 2 heal a round you are not in any dnager of dying LOL

    The rune key opens the last chest under the ice lake.

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