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Topic: Hardest fight?

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  • Re: Hardest fight?

    Malcontent is a legendary in Act 3. Hardest in the game as he heals the damage he deals and has nasty passive damage. Him and Flay seem tough for any build.

  • Re: Hardest fight?

    Legendary Monster Dearhmatch ! Which Legendaries would fare best if made to fight eachother?

  • Re: Hardest fight?

    Love to see mash up between magmagedden and kindle. My money would be on the fire giant.

    Malcontent, he would steam through anything I reckon. His heal is too godly.

  • Re: Hardest fight?

    If your factoring speed then I would agree that mally is hard to beat in a deathmatch. If we are looking soley at abilities then I think snap jaw has got the edge. Passive damage what increases every round with no upper limit. That would cream the opposition because there is no defense against it.

    So Snap jaw vs Malcontent has to be ultimate legendery monster chaos!!

  • Re: Hardest fight?

    Did no one else find the banshee combat incredibly hard? It lasted me forever with my chaarcters because of the heal keeping it alive. Much, much harder than Malcontent but I suppose I was taking less damage during it all, so less chance I was ever going to die.

  • Re: Hardest fight?

    Snapjaw is the nemesis for characters that rely on passive abilities like Bleed. By the end of the seventh turn, every hero will be dead (56 damages), unless he has some healing potion. The plant must be killed so very quickly.

    Hydra, on the other hand, is even harder, as you have to deal an average of 20 damages per turn. Piercing comes in handy, as any other ability that lets roll multiple dice for damage.
    The special achievement looks pretty futile because, if you did not bring the beast down during the first three turns, it is unlikely that you are doing it afterwards, having already spent a few of your abilities.

    I never, ever, defeated either Kindle or Magmageddon. I think I should try the "nerfed" version, next time I play.

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