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Topic: Hardest fight?

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  • Re: Hardest fight?

    Going solely on LoS (I'm still on Act 1 of HoF), I would have to say:

    Necromancer and Skeleton encounter in 'Winter's Hill'


    Lorcan in 'The Betrayed'.


    Adding 'Mortzilla' from HoF - but only if you don't have the 'Boogie's Booster' ability (and possibly the 'Infected Wound' ability as well). I just fought him using the 'Wind Guardian', 'Shadow Shift' and 'Earth Fist' abilities and it took me 29 attempts to beat him - and even then I had to 'cheat' by using my 'Charm' ability on my last Speed roll in that last fight - otherwise I'd have still been fighting him right into next week I think. So let this be a warning - do NOT try to take on Mortzilla without the 'Boogie's Booster' ability because it's way too painful otherwise. Having said that, if you do have 'Boogie's Booster', this fight is too easy. I never had any issues with him on my last two run throughs - he's a pushover with that ability equipped. The worst thing is, you can't even buy potions that might help you in Act 2 either (OK - maybe the healing potion from Yootha, but that will only delay the inevitable once you're down to 0 Speed, so you'll drain your money buying those).

    Not feeling happy about continuing this playthrough now as I feel like I've cheated - but I just couldn't stand another go at fighting this opponent.

  • Re: Hardest fight?

    Yesterday I met Mould and Skelly. This is hard challenge for green quest. I must roll for me and then roll once for Mould and once for Skelly. The highest result win the round. Skelly take me down 1 point of speed and this make the fight so hard especially in this early etap in the game. I had some ability to avoid the loss, but ...

  • Re: Hardest fight?

    Sounds like you made that fight tougher by rolling attack speed for 'all' opponents. You choose one opponent (moulder or skelly) and roll for attack speed as normal. So if you chose moulder, you would roll attack speed for your hero and for moulder. You would not roll for skelly. So basically, you have to think about who you should defeat first - taking into account their abilities, passives etc.

  • Re: Hardest fight?

    Yes, I was wrong rules. This means that the battle with Mould and Skelly isn't so hard. Thanks for explaining

  • Re: Hardest fight?

    found the entire of counts ball tough because my wepons held alot of my speed

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