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Topic: Treasure map 512

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  • Treasure map 512

    When are you allowed to follow the treasure map on section 512?

  • Re: Treasure map 512

    Whenever you want ;) (Providing you found the map in the first place...)

  • Re: Treasure map 512

    How exactly do you follow the map?

  • Re: Treasure map 512

    Follow the instructions! East, South, and then West!

  • Re: Treasure map 512

    I guess I'm missing something really obvious, but how do I translate the map directions into a page entry?

  • Re: Treasure map 512

    I don't have the book to hand, so can't recall the exact numbers, but it shows directions, and mentions the numbers. So take the number for East, then South, then West, and you'll end up with a 3-figure number. Simply turn to that paragraph!

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